12 April 2010

What’s in a name?

I’ve gotten a lot of questions and comments about the name we picked out for our little guy. And thank you all!

The truth is, the name instantly came to me one day while sitting on the couch. It was like a light bulb turning on right above my head. William Emerson. Of course! There was no second guessing it.

William. William is a family name. My grandfather (who Ron never had the honor of meeting) was named William. My uncle- William Gregory. My cousin- William Parker. However, they all go by their MIDDLE name-except for ours.

Emerson. This name has sentimental meaning to me. I hold it close to my heart. Just know that I LOVE it and there couldn’t be a better fitting middle name in a million years!

Of course, there were names that came and went, like Jackson and Benjamin. But, nothing could top William Emerson.

What better way to honor my grandfather, than to name my son after him.

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