12 April 2010

Inducing Labor Naturally

I’ve been all over the internet trying to find out ideas for inducing labor naturally.

With Krysta, I was medically induced and I really don’t want to take that route again. I was confined to the bed even when I had to use the bathroom- I know, awful! On top of that we had a few problems with her heartbeat dropping.

So, with that said, I’m going to go as naturally as possible. HOWEVER, I’m not totally eliminating out the use of modern medicine because I know how difficult labor is and if complications arise, I’m going to do what is necessary for the health of the baby and I.

Now that I’ve gotten off topic…

I’ve been trying different ways to induce labor naturally, like:

  • walking
  • sex (shhh)
  • figure 8 hip movements
  • nipple stimulation
  • eating pineapple
  • eating spicy food

Does anyone have any recommendations to help me get the show on the road?

Please help a pregger out!

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