12 April 2010

Blood Work

Well, my blood work didn’t come back with the numbers that we were hoping for. In fact, it came back borderline for gestational diabetes. Boo!

The doctor is concerned because my sugar levels keep spiking and I’m not able to get my insulin under control. She said this is a concern because the baby will be bigger than normal, so the chances of having an Emergency C-Section are increased. Also, the baby will have a hard time breathing and possibly crash 3 days after he’s born because he will not be getting the same insulin levels that he’s been accustomed to during the past 9 months.

She wanted me to fast then go in for a 3 hour glucose test. This test was painful! Just not being able to eat alone, made me woozy- then top that off with a bottle of sugar water for 3 hours- and then have blood drawn 4 times on every hour. I thought I would NEVER make it through!

We should know the results on December 1- fingers crossed!

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