23 May 2013

When the Tornado Hit

With all the footage on the news and social medias such as Facebook and Twitter, I'm sure you all have heard about the devastation that has hit our current state, Oklahoma, this past Monday. It hit very close to us-- within a few miles of our home. Fortunately we are all safe and counting our blessings.

I was following the storm throughout the day, so I knew I needed to pick Krysta up from school early before the weather got worse-- I'm relieved that I did because some of the local schools quickly went into lock down. As the early afternoon events unraveled and the twister grew larger and stronger, my heart sank into my stomach. Moments later, the alarms went off and things suddenly became a reality-- we were in the line of this tornado. When Tinker Air Force Base flashed across the screen, we quickly went into our tornado shelter. When we came out, we saw all of the devastating footage that took place in Moore, just a few miles down the road.    

Days later, I'm still in disbelief that such a horrific disaster is going on just a few miles from our home. It's like a war zone. Building and homes destroyed. Horse farms completely flattened. Parents searching for their children. Families without homes walking down the street, carrying their pets, babies, and a handful of remaining belongs. And the most heartbreaking, children trapped in the rubble of the elementary school, especially the ones that never made it out.

In a world where we are constantly at odds, there is still humanity. It's warming to know that people from all walks of life can come together to help save strangers, reunite families together, lend a helping hand, and to selflessly donate food, clothing, and shelter.

If you'd like to donate to the American Red Cross to help with some of the relief, click here. Every little bit helps. 
If you're on Tinker AFB, there is a donation box set up at the commissary. They are in need of all baby items, can goods, hygiene products, and more. We went the other day, and it felt so good to give to those in need.

Thank you all for your texts, emails, and FB posts/messages. We're feeling incredibly fortunate, and we're praying that this town quickly heals and rebuilds.

Love, EM