31 December 2011

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2011.

Wow, we're drawing an end to 2011; and as I'm reflecting on the past 12 months, all I can say is, "WHAT A YEAR!"

It's bittersweet looking back on all of our happenings-- seeing how much we've changed, how much our lives have changed.

I'm going to kick major ass in 2012. There's so much potential awaiting just around the corner, and it's mine for the taking.

But before I ring in a new year, here is a look back on my Top 10 most popular blog post:

10. Still a Reason to Celebrate
9. A Winter Light Show
8. Castle in the Sky
7. All in Boxes
6. She Danced with Heart
5. New Routines
4. Boom
3. Blizzard Bloghop and a giveaway
2. It's a giveway, and there's something in it for you!
1. A farewell to Alaska

Thank you all so much for reading along, supporting my family, and being great friends. I can't wait to see what 2012 has to offer!

Much Love,

17 December 2011


This week the creative train came and blew through our home resulting in some hardcore crafting. We’re talking head to toe Christmas Cheer in the highest form of Feliz Navidad. This includes all, but not limited to sparkly glitter and spray paint, Christmas photographs, lace, and all the other pretty little things that makes my heart rapidly beat. So in honor of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all other holiday celebrations, I’m dedicating this post to all things holiday craftiness.

Here are my very most favorites AND they’re budget friendly:

{Photograph Ornaments} 
Idea from Pintrest

What you’ll need:

4” Glass Ornaments (pack of 4) $7
4x6 photograph $0.24 each
Lace $2/spool

Start by trimming your photograph to size.
Roll your photo and insert it into the top of the bulb.
Cut a piece of lace and hot glue the ends.

{Moss Wreaths}

What you’ll need:

14” wreath form (or any size of your choice) $5
Reindeer Moss $5
Ribbon (optional for hanging)

Lay your wreath form flat on the table. Hot glue the moss onto the wreath form, piece by piece.
One wreath will most likely use the entire package of moss.

I’m going to change the ribbon and reuse these for the spring… I’m envisioning butterflies and robin’s nests.

{Lace Trees}

What you’ll need:

Styrofoam cone $3-$7 depending on the size
Lace (2 spools per cone) $2

Start at the bottom of the tree. Hot glue the lace, row by row. I tried spiraling up the tree, but it doesn’t look as good as gluing each row separately.  

{Noel Wall Art}

What you’ll need:

8x10 canvas $6 for a package of two at Hobby Lobby
8x10 photograph $5
Noel Letters $4
Metallic Gold spray paint $5

Start by spray painting the edges of your canvas and NOEL letters

Modpodge your canvas AND the back of your photo. Place photo on canvas and rub firmly. Then evenly ModPodge the top of your photograph.

Hot Glue your letters onto the canvas.

Picture Perfect! Ready to go under the tree for gift giving!

I hope these easy, budget friendly gift ideas have sparked your creativity!

Happy Crafting,


07 December 2011

Good Things (and a My Memories winner)

I hesitantly threw out the remains of our front yard pumpkin display, tossed out the mums, and scoured the house for any autumn-ish décor left hanging around. They’re now boxed and sealed --stashed away in the corner of our garage until next year’s fall season. As much as I hate to say good-bye to the beautiful copper-tones and cedar scents, I’m warmly welcoming twinkling lights and peppermint tastes.

I love the sparkle of Christmas. I love seeing my babies wonder-filled eyes as they soak up all the magic that this holiday has to offer. If all holidays joined forces to make the perfect punch-drunk, high-on-life cake, Christmas would most definitely bring the sugar to the table. It’s the crème de la crème of desserts.

And we’re enjoying the sweetness.

It’s about that time of year where I excitedly run to the mailbox in hopes of seeing delivered Christmas cards. I love the whole giving-receiving theory, especially when it comes in form of Christmas greetings --so much so, that it’s right up there in my Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Christmas list. I get naturally high off of mustering my creative juices in attempts to send out an original, heartfelt card to my loved ones; a card that sums up our happenings over the past year with an image, a feeling, a theme.

If you’d like to do a card exchange, please email me your mailing address to:

emilyroeart (at) gmail (dot) com

Where did I get William's super cute bow tie? An etsy shop called, The Little Gentleman. This tie has been one of my favorite purchases from etsy --it's very well made, well priced, and the service is amazing!

And speaking of receiving goodness in the mail…

Earlier this fall, I received a phone from Allison, the owner of Allison’s Relocation's (the moving company that moved us from Alaska). She said that she read my blog (this post to be exact) and I wanted to personally apologize for any wrong doing and to inform me that the man who stole from us has been arrested from not only stealing from us, but other families as well. Allison also wanted to personally mail Krysta a check to replace the money from her piggy bank, along with a little extra. I can’t even begin to describe how appreciative we are of her sincere gift. 

Krysta was grinning from ear to ear as she read Allison’s card. It puts a lump in my throat to know that there are still good people out there, that good prevails over evil, and that happy endings really do exists. I’m grateful that Krysta experienced the power of doing the right thing firsthand.

Thank you so much Allison!

We are smack in the middle of the Christmas Season and there’s truly no better way to take in the joy and laughter than to be with the ones you love. Gathered around the Christmas tree. In jammies. Watching Charlie Brown. Drinking hot chocolate. Just sayin’.

Tightly cuddling with my babes beside twinkling lights is one of my favorite December pastimes, you know.

Because it’s the togetherness, the sparkle, the shimmer and glow that makes me giddy for Christmas.

I wake up a little earlier each morning just to watch the Christmas tree lights in the stillness of early dawn, sipping a cup of hot coffee. It’s calming, yet rejuvenating --the perfect way to slowly wake up and start the day.

Tonight I will continue on with the bringing forth Christmas and nestle myself under an old thick quilt with the March sisters in Little Women. And you can bet your hiney there will be togetherness and sparkle and a little shimmer and glow.

Pure giddiness.

Lastly, I'm a little late on posting the winner of the My Memories giveaway.

The winner is.... teresagreen81 who said, I like the October Paper Pack. I love fall colors and can be used all year round. 
Teresa, please send me your email address to receive your code to My Memories digital software!

I hope you all are enjoying the Christmas Season!

Happy Hump Day,


24 November 2011

Turkey it up!

It has been cold and dreary and wet; downright gloomy, if you ask me. The sky was swollen in very shade of gray--releasing rain that slowly pitter-pattered on my rooftop, leaving evidence of its presents with tiny vertical streaks on my windowpane. It served as an invisible wall --this sky-- holding us captive within our home. It gave us a mandatory mellow day of sorts. A day were we move a bit slower and cuddle under thick quilts a little longer.

I like these days, torrential downpours. They’re special because they don’t happen as often as they should, and we could all use a day of camping indoors with a good book and tea every now and then, especially with a little one peacefully cuddled up by your side.

adore soaking in his features

And you know what else I like? Girl’s wino night, because that doesn’t happen as often as it should either.  It was a soul-stretching, over-the-rainbow kind of night. We talked, confided in one another, laughed until our sides were in stitches and drank until our lips went numb --Just like good friends and good times should be.

We’re making this a regular happening... in the driveway... with wine in mason jars.

With Christmas around the corner, Krysta and I are going to make a Starbucks run for hot chocolate, peppermint cakepops on Friday afternoons.

Peppermint and Starbuck’s red cups are equal parts festive and delicious. 

I love duck lips

Thanksgiving is t minus 3 hours. We’ve written our To-Do List in preparation for Thanksgiving Day --categorized in sections of A Must and Would Like. I would like to have completed the whole list, but with being sick and an energizer baby, the A Must side of the list will do just fine.

Commence a quick House Shakedown with a little scrubbing and baking at 350 before guest arrives!

Dessert recipes coming soon—they’ll work great for upcoming Christmas gatherings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

19 November 2011

My pot of gold. (otherwise known as the BIG Thanksgiving craft post and a giveway)

We’re halfway into November, one week until thanksgiving, and I’m thankful.

November marks our sixth month that we’ve lived in Oklahoma, and while I attempt to turn a raw deal into gold, I’m reflecting on all the little things in my life that I’ve been blessed with. Sometimes we pay attention to only one detail, that we can’t see the whole picture. Sometimes we consume ourselves in one word that we don’t read the whole sentence or paragraph or even finish the chapter, much less the book. And while I sit writing our first chapter in Oklahoma, my mind keeps drifting to the promise of our next adventure --to be honest, this is the main cause of me not feeling grounded-- I’m constantly dreaming and fantasying of country-hopping and living the life a travel junkie. I’m craving to go, see, do.

While I can’t predict our future destinations, we’re creating our own little adventures and finding our own slice of heaven around town.

I’m finding beauty in streaky sunset clouds that sets fire to the sky.

And a flat caramel-toned landscape igniting a dreamy autumn glow that elegantly lingers over wheat grass.

And radiant sunrises equipped with magical rainbows --possibly with a pot of gold at the end.

Like I said, I’m turning a raw deal into gold… and this friends, is my gold.

Since we're on the subject of rainbows, I’m dancing on one as we speak. From the warm and fuzzy military Hallmark ads to over- the-top cheesy Kay Jewelers commercials --you know, where the couple is in a mountain cabin, and suddenly there’s loud thunder, so the girl jumps into the man’s arms, and he turns to her and says with a deep masculine voice, “I’m right here, and I always will be.”-- to Starbucks ads for peppermint lattes, I’m in a downright disturbing holiday-lovin’ frame of mind.
So first holidays first…. THANKSGIVING!

We’re having two other couples from my husband’s work joining us this year (my door is open if anyone on Tinker would like to feast with us!).  Since this will be our first non-family guest, I’ve bought tickets to ride the crafting train in attempt to make our home a little more festive.

I’ve made a Thanksgiving wreath, Thanksgiving banner, Thanksgiving napkin rings, and Thanksgiving napkins… and just for kicks, I’m throwing in the word Thanksgiving one more time, because I really do love the gathering around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are a few cheap and easy DIY Fall Crafts:

Layouts are made with My Memories. If you’d like a chance to win this software for FREE, comment on this post to enter, and they're giving EVERYONE a $20 of coupon by just using my code. Don't miss out!

And so I’ll leave you now with a few delicious photos I took of my bambinos last weekend.

Happy Friday!