12 April 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: My Husband’s Story on His Experience at the Father-Daughter Gala

A grand ballroom just beyond the trellis of pink and white balloons offered the realization of the sweetest dreams of every little princess: a bottomless bounty of confectionery delights, a bustling dance floor, elegantly decorated tables, a smorgasboard of foods ready to satisfy the most particular of 7-year old palates (mac-n-cheese, chicken strips, and PB&J). She enters escorted by her “king”, and is greeted by the Cotton Candy Princess herself from Candy Land. The princess and her “king” dance, laugh, eat, and drink to their content. Simply put, Krysta was in H-E-A-V-E-N.

Alaska’s chapter of Armed Services YMCA held their annual Father-Daughter Gala on Sunday, March 28th. It was a fun time spent with a wonderful little girl. The ASYMCA pulled out a few stops to create an incredible atmosphere just for the little princesses, whose ages ran from the gamut from barely walking to recently driving. So, I got dressed up in my Semi-formal Blue Uniform, and Krysta wore a beautiful dress she and Emily chose just for the occasion. Krysta dances and I, well, looked like a total goober in front of all the other dads who were likely thinking the same thing. Tables were set up on either end of the ballroom. Some were decked out with well-decorated displays of a range of candies, other with simple foods perfect for the young children. All in all, it was a great afternoon where we were able to spend a little time together, and Krysta truly got to feel like a little princess. Can’t wait for next year!

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