30 June 2010

North Carolina. Part 2

When I sit down to write a blog post, 99% of the time I have no idea where to start or if I do, 99% of time it ends in a completely different direction.

This is one of those times.

I have dozens of photos of Krysta J playing in the fountain in Charlotte, NC- I mean what do I say? She had fun? Cause she did! Boy. did. she. have. fun!

My Aunt said, "I think this is the most fun Krysta's had all week!"
I said, "No, this is the most fun she's had ALL summer!"

It's true. Krysta has had some good times this summer, but this was the frosting on the cake. No, correction. THIS was the cherry, that's on top of the frosting, that's on top of the cake!

(notice that Krysta has a different bucket in every photo. P.S. We didn't bring any buckets with us!)

It was so refreshing to hear water splashing down on the terra cotta bricks covered with children laughing endlessly in brightly colored swim suits, and to feel the cold drops of water cool our sun scorched skin.

Yes, it truly was a good time.

There's no doubt in my mind that my little fish is going to easily make friends. She can gravitate towards anyone and turn it into a good time. The life of the party, is what my girl is. Before I knew it, she had all the kids interacting together, playing "splashing" games.

Oh and William? He had a pretty good time too. He sat contently on my lap watching the kids play as the cool breeze from the water cooled him down. It won't be long before he joins in on the fun with a water-filled diaper drooping to his knees, joyous waddling his way through the bursts of water streams. Man, I can't wait for those days!

Who knew that a bucket and water shooting from the ground could be so much fun and bring so many good memories! It was the perfect relief to a HOT HOT day. Have I mention how hot it was? Um yeah, it was hot- so hot you could scramble eggs on my head. No joke!

North Carolina, I miss you terribly, but you can keep your heat and humidity.

A life without love is like a year without summer.
-- Swedish Proverb

28 June 2010

North Carolina. Part 1

Several weeks ago Krysta, William, and I hopped on an 18 hour plane flight bound for NC. And let me just say, my babies were excellent- no complaining, no whining, no crying- perfectly well-behaved children! In fact, William was the highlight of the flight. He allowed a few ladies and a stewardess to nibble on his delicious cheeks and thighs. Let me just say that he is more delicious than anything they had to offer on that beverage cart!


The main reason for my trip was to visit my Grandma who is suffering with Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease and to also visit with my Aunt, who has now passed due to Breast Cancer. It was an emotional, rough, bittersweet trip, but completely worth taking.

This is my Nana. I love her with my whole heart. She has always been the one I turn in a time of need and wisdom, and she always knew exactly what to say.

I was nervous that she wouldn't remember me and even more nervous to see how much she has changed in the last three years. Her health and mental state has greatly worsened, but my Nana is still in there somewhere, especially when her face lights up and she gives us the biggest smile and softly says, "Hey Darling".

She was completely over-joyed to see Krysta and to meet Baby William, and that's the memory I'm bringing back with me.


This is my brother, Andrew. He is now living in Charleston, SC, has a serious girlfriend, a good job, and we couldn't be more proud.

Here he is meeting William for the first time.

This is one of my cousins, Austin. William and Krysta LOVED watching him play XBox.

I wish I had taken my camera out more often because there really were alot of great memories and moments.


North Carolina was HOT. And I mean, CALIENTE BABY!

I. was. sweating. buckets.

This whole, "trying to get orders back down South" is going to take some getting use to. The heat and humidity is something that I have not missed while living in Alaska.

Mimi and Krysta

I mean, look at my girl's pasty white skin...and mine is even worse! Ron likes to joke- he says, "I glow in the dark." Haha, funny guy (note sarcasm).

We could use a little tan, and some Vitamin D.

This trip has taught me alot of lessons. The most important one being one that we ALL know, but take for granted, "life is too short, so make the most of it. Love your family and friends because that's all the matters."

Life is too precious, people! Make that most out of everyday because tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

25 June 2010

For Family and Friends- William's Updates

For the past 4 months we've been on a roller coaster ride, and it's not the "amusement park, wave your hands in the air because it's more fun" type of ride. This is the "Oh my God my baby could be sick, waiting for answers, and living in limbo" type of ride. An emotional roller-coaster.

Now 4 months later, we're still doing blood work dealing with his kidneys and liver, and waiting for results. It seems like all we do it wait.

Wait for the blood results
Wait for the doctor to call
Wait for the specialist to call
Wait to retest again...

Then it restarts from the beginning.

So, this week we retested...and the results are better, but we're still not in the clear. Now we're waiting to hear back from the specialist, again.

Oh look, more of that "waiting and living in limbo!" Do you see the circle we've been living in?

21 June 2010

Dancing in the rain.

Well, my spoonful of sunshine has disappeared somewhere behind the mountains. Not only did the sun go away, but the bottom of the sky fell out! So, we did what anyone would do when they're couped up in the house- we read, played games, curled up and watched TV, while mommy drank buckets of coffee.

Of course, that only lasted for so long- little bodies got restless, cabin fever set in, and so Krysta told the rain to "kiss it". She stepped into her cherry rain boots and made a mad dash towards the front door. Before I knew it, she was running, jumping, and twisting over every square inch of our front yard.

I tell you, it's pure happiness.

Watching Krysta enjoy life- rain or shine- she's bound for greatest. She's going to move mountains and find that spoonful of sunshine wherever she goes!


Look at this little dude- he's found his thumb! We've tried EVERY pacifier known to man, but William would never take to it. Today, I'm singing to the Heavens.



Oh man, and last night these guys had me laughing so hard that my sides split!

Ron and I have a "system"-

He gets Will ready for his bath,
I bathe him,
He gets him lotion-ed up and dressed,
I feed him and lay him down.

....Easy Peasy

So, last night I heard this high-pitched voice (Ron) say, "mooooooom, I'm ready for my baaaaath." I look up to see this little, half naked baby peeping around the corner.

Hilarious! Okay, so you had to be there in person. But take my word for it- it. was. HILARIOUS!


Another day is coming to an end.

Life is precious, make the most of it!

18 June 2010

Summer rolls on.

I've decided that my staple summer saying is, "just add water." That's because these days, it's all we've been doing. Whether it's the water hose, water sprinkler, or water balloons, you really can't go wrong!

Krysta puts on her bright pink bathing suit and anxiously waits by the window, eying my every move, as I pull out that long green hose to let the water rip.

I treasure these sweet anticipation moments of knowing that good times are about to happen.

And good times they are!

My water beauty squeals, laughs, runs, jumps, and spins- in that order- through the sprinkler. It puts a smile on my face every time.

There's no doubt about it- my little ones are water babies just like their mama. From a large body of ocean to a small slurp from a water hose to extra minutes in the bathtub, we'll do anything for a cool dip.

I love watching Krysta having fun. To witness her imagination soar into new world where only mermaids, fairies, and pirates exists. How I long to be there with her, to see first hand this world that she's created through her eyes. If only I could peer into that kind soul of hers- so much wonder to be seen, so much knowledge to soak in.

Voila! And that's how we have fun!

Until tomorrow...