12 April 2010

Tummy Time FAIL

When I first saw this playmat at Babies-R-Us, I thought, “Oh, how fun! We have to get that- look at all of the colors and activities! He’ll LOVE it!” WRONG! As of now, he has zero interest in paying any attention to all of its bells and whistles. Perhaps it’s a bit over-stimulating.

However, this doesn’t surprise me. My first born had a similar one, except it was more “tunnel” like. It was passed down to me by a friend, who’s son didn’t like, then I passed it down to my aunt, and guess what? …her daughter didn’t like it either!

I’m not so sure if these playmats are even worth the money. We’ll see if he grows to enjoy it. The verdict is still in the air.

Does anyone have a special toy that instantly grabs hold of their child’s interest? What play activity do you recommend for babies?

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