31 October 2011

It's necessary.

Everyone has their own personal limit, and it just so happened that yesterday I hit mine. I didn’t lose it. I didn’t get angry. I didn’t cry. I just simply walked away. No really, I literally walked away. Perhaps it’s because I’m at the age in my life where I can easily flush the nonsense out of my life, where I can let go and move on to a lighter, more carefree sense of being.

Slowly but surely I’m distressing --knocking out lingering house projects and checking off my blackhole of a to-do list. Just little changes, but it’s the little things that adds up to make all the difference. I feel like my batteries have been recharged. A little less weight on my shoulders. A clear head. A feeling of renewal. Inspired.

And I like this feeling.

As I dug through the boxes labeled “Krysta’s Winter Clothes” and “Fall D├ęcor”, I turned giddy –like schoolgirl crush type of giddy. Dude, it’s Autumn and Autumn is my FAVORITE season. It’s that time of year where I weed through our collected clutter, reorganize, and do away with the unnecessary to make plenty of room for the necessary. And there’s a lot of necessary that needs space in our home --like holiday festivities with loved ones, family meals by candlelight, and movie nights under thick quilts.

A fall food staple


I’ve never given Tulsa, Oklahoma two thoughts. Tulsa is now a necessary. I think of Tulsa everyday, and our friends that live there. And while I don’t make the trip or pick up the phone as much as I should, they still remain in my thoughts.

 Last weekend we tracked out for a weekend visit. We made the plans, bought the tickets, and made the drive out to Discoveryland… only to get chased out by potential tornadoes. After 30 minutes of the most tense oh my God, we’re going to die drive of my life, we made it back safe and sound.

And to think, the evening started out beautiful and peaceful. Mother Nature can be a beast.

Barnes & Noble

Oh yes. Barnes and Noble is completely necessary in the Roe Household. Once a week we set sail to the bookstore and drop our anchors firmly in the sand. We live in our own timezone, and when we’re on our own time frame, we go on any adventure that we please—sometimes it’s to Neverland with Peter Pan, other times it’s down the rabbit hole with Alice. Whether fly up with pixie dust, or fall down a hole to a magical land, we’re bound to have a blast. Because it’s just us. Together.

Academic Award

Krysta has worked so hard this year. She has limited her outside park play, in exchange for multiplication tables and learning words such as, photosynthesis and chronological order. There has been evenings where she studied and read her little patootie off until bedtime. Throughout the years, we’ve pushed her and encouraged her, and hopefully she’ll use the tools we’ve taught her to excel in the classroom.

All of her hard work was recognized this past Friday during an award ceremony as her school.

I’m so proud of my girl!

The Youngest Handsome

Just as it’s important that the biggest of my babes feels special, it’s equally important that the smallest feels just as big. William and I get our mommy-son time midday when our bellies are full from lunch and the sun as hit its peak. We cuddle under heavy blankets to read or watch cartoons or Wills favorite… jumping on the bed. Shhh, we won’t tell dad that part!

Bed jumping is necessary in any childhood memory, everyone knows that!

Haunt the Zoo

We love family outings. Big or small, we’ll take them. This weekend we went to Haunt the Zoo.

It. Was. Packed.

Just to get to the entrance, we waited in line for over an hour. Not to mention, we waited in line for every photo and candy booth. But, was it worth it? Absolutely! It’s always worth when there’s childhood memory making to be made.

Years from now Krysta will say, “Mom, do you remember that one time when we went trick-or-treating at the zoo?” And I’ll smile and say, “Yes”. Because I won’t remember the hours of waiting and the pushing and my bruised feet from other people stepping on them;  I’ll remember my babies smiles and their oh’s and ahh’s and the excitement and anticipation on their wide-eyed faces. Seriously, Krysta’s eyes were the size of quarters. She could barely contain her excitement!

Tonight is a big night for my lovies… It’s Halloween! A perfect ending to October.

Happy Trick-or-Treating,


30 October 2011

Until tomorrow

I’m coming at you LIVE from the comforts of my bed, squished somewhere between a ticking comforter, two babies, and a blue-eyed cat that jumps on my laptop with every chance she gets.

It’s going to be short and sweet tonight because I have an aching feeling that I’m coming down with a little something and I’m afraid of it turning into a big something, putting a damper on my trick-or-treating plans. So I’m occupying myself with relaxing music, good books, and hot tea—just a few things a girl needs to heal and renew.

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and basked in the warmth of tonight’s autumn evening glow.

I’ll return tomorrow with Dayquil in hand and a post about our weekend outings.

Much Love,


20 October 2011

Kicks & Bricks

It was an ordinary day, turned extraordinary.

The weekend started out like all others —I’m greeted by the strong fragrance of coffee wafting through the kitchen as heavy feet shuffled down the hallway, and the theme song from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” strummed through the air as my bunny and squirrel bobbed their heads in sync with the rhythm.

We usually shut ourselves off from the world during the weekend, but on this particular morning, I left my phone on, and sure enough…it rang. I hesitantly answered. 


Whatcha doing?

It was one my besties, Tabetha.


You guys wanna meet up?


Like there’s any convincing us to go. When the Swerts are involved, good times are sure to follow!

And a good time it was.

Quickie Background Story: Tabetha and I met 5/6 years ago while we were both stationed at Pope AFB, in North Carolina. Since then, they got out of the Air Force and moved to New York, while we were re-stationed at Elmendorf AFB, in Alaska. Now, 5 years later we’re both living in Oklahoma within 2 hours of each other.
 We clicked right away, like peanut butter and jelly.  We differ on religion and politics, but when it comes to parenting and family values, we’re the same, and that’s exactly what makes us tick.

Now back to the program…

We got our kicks on Route 66.

We first stopped at a cute little joint for lunch called, Pops. Pops was fully stocked --wall to wall, ceiling to floor-- with 100’s of flavored soda bottles in every color of the rainbow.

Swamp Juice anyone? It’s SODAsgusting!

As the heat died down and the sunrays mellowed out, we headed back towards OKC to check out the fun happenings in Bricktown. 

We’ve never been to Bricktown, so I was more than happy to be able to explore and discover this area of Oklahoma City with another fun-loving family.

The area was booming.

It reminded me of Downtown Anchorage during the summer. The streets were full of people, with music flowing from various buildings and street corners, and artists painting on sidewalks. The town was full of energy, and it was the first time in a longtime, that I felt 100% content --somewhere squeezed between my family and my bestie, with excitement surrounding us, that perhaps I’ve finally found my footing.

It felt like old times, where it was just us, just being, with friends and family, rolling with the punches, and enjoying one another in the moment. Because it’s in the little details, the small moments, and the quick flashes of time that we truly experience random specks of pure joy.  It’s what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We lingered until our shadows grew long, and the sun bowed down to a pink glow, making way for the moon and stars.

We'll be back for more kicks and bricks... and if we're lucky, we'll be enjoy it with good friends and heavy laughs.

Till then,


17 October 2011

Letting go.

Curtains are hung, beds are made, and pictures adorn our walls. We’ve made our house into a home, but something doesn’t feel quite right. I feel out of place, and as hard as I try I don’t feel like I belong. Perhaps it’s because I’m not active in the art community here? Or maybe because I don’t have a group of solid friends? Or even involved in playgroups?

I’m living life on a hamster wheel--constantly moving, constantly going, but always staying in the same place. I’ve made some bad choices, walked down the wrong road, ignored the red flags, and had more than a few busts and hardships. Relocating and reestablishing your place in a new community is difficult. And as hard as you try to make everything work and flow smoothly, sometimes the puzzle pieces just don’t fit together--sometimes you just need to realize the dead end road and move on. Now that the dust has settled and I can see with clear eyes, we’re regrouping and regaining our footing, but most importantly, I’m letting go.

I’m letting go of all “what ifs”. Of all outside negativity and distractions. Of all stresses and worries. And focusing on us, as a family. We’re falling back into our easy going, laid back lifestyle that makes us thrive. Now that Autumn is here, there's no perfect time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life, like family movie night, bedtime stories, and conversations over coffee.

And that…that’s what makes me whole. That’s where I belong, and geography can never take that away.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had my camera attached to me, like it has been in the past, but I did have my iphone.

So, here are a few snaps of our happenings over the past month or two:
(if you’re on my twitter, I’m sure you’ve already seen these)

Fall is in full swing--my all-time favorite season of the year, thankyouverymuch--we’re pulling out all stops on home comforts while soaking up the warm days and cool nights. This includes all, but not limited to, chili, pumpkin patches, apple pie, crunchy leaves, and chai tea.  

I’m going to attempt to play summer catch-up this week, while I finish up the kids Halloween costumes, photography props (more details to come on that!), and our out-of-town weekend getaway to visit besties.

Till then, much love.