25 January 2012

Back Around

Here we are.

I’m altering my decisions and making some changes. Not big changes, just little alterations here and there --changing my routine, my pace, and choosing which battles to fight. No one person can do it all, be it all, and fight it all to make all things right. We must choose what to let in and when to let go, how to guide our children and what works best for our household. When we find things aren’t flowing easily, it’s time to shake it up, break it down, and rebuild our line of thinking to make a stronger foundation and a sturdier structure so that can overcome obstacles and withstand the storms blow.

Cleaning routines aren’t working? Shake it up.

Morning routines aren’t working? Change it up.

Bedtime isn’t running smoothly? Shake and change it up.

We’re flipping over the snow globe and shaking it up this week; putting good use to those New Year’s Resolutions. I’m already feeling inspired by our small changes, and hopefully they’ll stick and solidify into concrete. I’m motivated and it feels good; possibly because Ron is leaving in a number of days, and I’m longing for a smooth deployment and transition.

Scratch that.

I’m determined to have a smooth deployment.

Since living in Oklahoma over the past eight months, I feel like I’ve come into full circle. I’ve had my highs and lows, ups and downs. And now here I am feeling optimistic and full of hope and ready to discover what’s over the horizon. Sometimes it takes a good emotional ass kicking see the beauty in the breakdown. Sometimes it takes a huge disappointment and let down to see the silver lining and truth.

Here we are midweek and my aspirations are still running high. The prospects of the upcoming weekend --and many weekends to follow-- are limitless. And while I will soon be both mother and father until this fall, I will continue to remain hopeful and optimistic. I’m taking it day by day, and will not dread on the unknown. I have new dreams, a new vision, and after all, it is a new day.

“Sometimes on the way to the dream, you get lost and find a better one.” 

PS Signs of spring in January- a bird’s nest and a lunch break picnic. See, even Mother Nature shakes things up.

24 January 2012

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23 January 2012

Alter your Decisions

This week was killer-- not in the “totally awesome” killer, but in the “gah, that blows” killer. It started off with last weekend a little something like this:

We gathered around for our usual weekend Breakfast Taco dinner, when Krysta said, “Mom, I don’t feel so good.” After several minutes of convincing her to just eat –and all she could do was stare at her plate- I got up and cooked her something bland. Needless to say, moments later she was in the bathroom losing her stomach.

Naturally, Mama Instinct kicked in and I attacked any and all places that harbored the enemy, the flu bug. I did a full on battle raid that would have made Gettysburg look PG. My weapons of choice consisted of bleach, Fabuloso, Febreze, and my trusty ol’ Dyson.  The bathrooms, counter tops, and tile floors quickly surrendered, leaving me with a sigh of victorious relief. And that mountain of dirty laundry? Completely demolished.

I’d love to say that it was all uphill from there, --I was truly hoping for an awesome week-- but a chain of unfortunate events led me down a dark spiraling slide, and I’m finding it hard time finding the light. I spend my days with off again, on again tears, and waking up in a grey fog. I can’t stand it.

After literally staring out the window at pure nothingness, Ron said, “Em, are you going to be ok?”

“No. Let’s go.”


“I don’t know; let’s just go hang at Barnes and Noble.”

So off we went. To Barnes and Noble. Two towns over.

Because two towns over might just be the escape you need.

When homebodying doesn’t fit the bill, I gravitate to Barnes and Noble. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the thousands of delicious books waiting to be thumbed through, or the hissing and gnarling spits of the espresso machines, or my babies’ imaginations longing to soar as we flip through the pages of Dr. Seuss. Either way, we dive head first into a world of non-fiction, and it’s bliss.

You know what else is pure bliss? My girl making Honor Roll… all year, thus far!

We’re two bubbly parents beaming over with joy. We’re so proud of her and all of her hard work.

This was her moment.

Will sat so still during the ceremony --in that same position, to be exact! 

William and Krysta’s birthday party is just around the corner. *squeal*

We made red toadstools and blue birds out of clay today. I’m don’t know what I’m going to use them for (probably will place them around the food table), but it was fun, easy, and a great little project for little hands.

 Little brother was all about some clay. His preferred method of sculpting is clay-in-hand, clay-in-mouth.

It’s now in the still of the morning, Ron is off to work, the kids are still asleep in bed and I’m reflecting on this past week, the last few months, our time in Oklahoma. I’ve concluded that I’m in a funk -a rut on steroids, so to speak. I’m overly emotional and overly tired and I’ve got to get out of the mess. It’s simply chaotic and draining and I’m so over it.

I know I’m sounding like Eeyore, but I’m hoping that if I throw it out there, the universe’s scale will shift and begin to tilt in the opposite direction… in the direction of lighter mornings and softer evenings.

“The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.” ~ Anonymous

It’s Monday. The blackboard mapping out the emotional roller coaster ride has been wiped clean and new blueprints are being drawn up. Let’s rock out this week.

Go and alter your decisions,


13 January 2012

I'm loving.

I was just leaving a friend’s house when it came out of nowhere. A mystical force. A divine intervention. A slice of awesomeness to make my babies and I squeal uncontrollably in sheer joy. It started snowing!

I knew it would end as quickly as it came, so I heightened my senses to its highest capacity and soaked it all in. I deeply inhaled the fresh crisp air until it hit the back on my throat, and then slowly released it. I stood there –square in the middle of my backyard- and looked up into the sky; memorizing the unique cuts of the flakes as they swished and swirled above me from a dusky rose colored backdrop. And when my heart spilled over in floods of complete and udder happiness, I held out my arms and spun around like Jodie Foster in the movie Nell, swaying in the wind style.

It was a nostalgic treat. My very own sliver of Alaska to send me soaring over the moon.

I’m loving it.

I’m also loving:

{Planning My Two Bambino’s Big Day}

Since the kids birthdays are only two weeks apart --and they’re still young enough to be excited about the party itself, and not being the center of attention-- we’re doing a joint birthday party. While their special day isn’t for another 5 weeks, we’re having a blast throwing around party themes, brainstorming decorations, and food ideas. After changing party themes --at least a dozen times-- we’ve concluded that there’s going to be a lot of little blue birds, toadstools, red capes, and furry brown animals.

Did I mention that we’re making 90% of the decorations ourselves? I’ll post DIY tutorials along with website links after the party.

Inspiration here:  http://pinterest.com/emilyroe/krysta-s-9th-will-s-2nd-birthday-party/

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{Organizing and Getting Rid of the Old}

Our garage has always been a major issue. Losing an entire room plus having a smaller garage, creates a lot of clutter --like mountains of clutter, like Oh my God, are you a hoarder type of clutter. I’m talking about baby items, furniture, and storage bins, on top of regular garage items like tools and garden supplies. Oye. It’s a total mess and a lot to deal with.

And so we’re dealing with it now.

Presenting Project Organize Our Sh*t.

Here is the embarrassing before photo:

Ron and my handsome little man worked hard on building a sturdy shelving unit for my baskets and seasonal storage bins. I also have six boxes of paintings (I’m storing away until they sell or if/when I can get them back into a local art gallery) that are going to get a custom made unit so they can stay in tiptop shape.

I can already feel the load lighten… it’s a work in progress.

But for now, I’m loving my handymen hard at work to make mama’s life run a little smoother.

I mean come on, who wouldn’t love this little mister with his saw? Precious.

*the final photo still to come

{Devilish Grins and Chunky Sweaters}

I adore his little mischievous smiles. I can just eat them up all day. Enough said.

Oh and here’s that grin again.

And again

And again. Gaw, he’s so delicious.

{Unexpected Commissions}

I love unexpected, unplanned, out-of-the-blue commission orders.

Here is my latest pencil drawing.

A lady commissioned me to do a drawing of her two children as a gift to her husband. It’s seriously heart-stretching to know that my work is given as gifts --it’s unique, thoughtful, and from the heart, not to mention it feels so good knowing that someone admires my work enough to give it to someone they love.

For more examples of my work visit, www.emilyroeartist.com

To purchase a custom made piece of art, http://www.etsy.com/shop/emilyroeart


It turns out that I found a new passion. A passion that I’m finding myself deeply falling in love with. A passion that I’ve been doing for years, but never thought about making a profit from it.

I’ve always photographed my kids and the little everyday inspirations in my life --sunsets, flowers, a coffee cup-- but it’s truly more than that. I get such a high when I capture the little personalities and the unique qualities of children and babies. It’s heaven.

Here are a few photographs that I took of some sweet friends while we were in Bricktown.

*website coming soon! I haven’t “officially” made a 100% leap into photography…but I’m getting there and hoping to specialize in newborns.

{Ron’s Talent}

My husband builds websites. He’s newest commission is building a site for the Military Museum in Oklahoma City.

While he was sitting down with the director to discuss his expectations, the kids and I took a stroll around the premises.

Krysta had a lot of questions like, what happens to all of the broken planes and military trucks, along with questions about the war and the people who died. She was sad to see all of the unused, broken down vehicles and the names of the men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice written on plaques. Krysta truly is a sweet, caring, emotional little girl, which is why we’re having such a hard time breaking the news that daddy will be deploying in a handful of months.

Krysta made a wish that no one had to die. Her heart is big.

Today’s Friday… and that’s something everyone can love!

Look up to the sky and sway like Nell.

Happy Weekend-ing


05 January 2012

Wrapping it Up with Better Days

It seems almost pointless to write about our Christmas Day as it’s like…so last year. And yet I still find myself starring at a blank computer screen trying to find the perfect words to express my feelings.

I can’t find them.

It has been an unusually hard year. I can’t remember a time when I’ve had such constant raw emotion, and as the year rapidly rushed to an end, it all built up too quickly and I broke down.

I miss my family. I miss the warmth that came at Christmas dinner when we all gathered around the table, passing dishes of vegetables and helpings of Christmas ham. I miss the stories that were shared and the laughter that always followed. I miss everyone gathering around the tree to open presents, one by one. I miss the energy, the enthusiasm, the happiness that ignited when we all came together. I took these moments for granted growing up, and as an adult I see the importance in embracing one another and creating traditions. While I have a little family of my own and strive to follow in such family traditions passed down from the great ones before me, geography creates an issue. Geography creates a hole-- a 2,000 mile wide hole.

And with the days leading up to Christmas, I mustered up all the Christmas spirit I could get my hands on and took my family to see the lights in Bricktown. The town was gorgeous with every tree adorned with hundreds of twinkling lights.

Just seeing their eyes shine as bright as the lights themselves as we walked down the canal made the loneliness subside. Because no matter how far apart we are from family, we’re never alone. I carried Nana with me that night. I imagined myself pointing at the lights and the festive decorations saying, “Nana, look at that one! Isn’t that pretty?!” And she would say, “Oh yes, that’s beautiful Darling!”

Krysta said, “Mom, it’s like thousands of fairies!”

It’s moments like these that make bundling up your babies and strolling out in below freezing weather totally worthwhile.

Strolling down the brick lanes of Bricktown is defiantly going to be a yearly tradition while we’re stationed at Tinker AFB.

She constantly gives him all kinds of lovings… and William wants nothing to do with smooches.


Some friends of ours gave us the heads up on another festive outing, so there was no hesitation to throw the kids in their jammies and caravan through a drive-thru light show.

Ron and I were digging the patriotic themed light displays.

And the Great Debate of the night: Is this a reindeer or a bunny? And is this reindeer/bunny taking a poo?

You be the judge.

I love these spontaneous family outings. It’s all about embracing the little things and living in the moment, all while sharing it with the ones you love, even if they can’t physically be with you, tuck them inside the pouch in your heart --you know, the sparkly one that’s always expanding, the one that always has room for more, the one that’s never too small or cramped--  so they stay with you always.


William’s two year old molars decided to give him few problems on Christmas morning; he was so miserable that he wanted nothing to do with partaking in the gift giving. In fact, it took him two days to unwrap his gifts.

Krysta on the other hand ripped through her gifts like there was no tomorrow. She was on Cloud9!

There’s nothing more soul satisfying than seeing your babies 100% content, full of excitement and anticipation.

It’s a new year with a blank slate, a book of blank pages with chapters begging to be written. As we start 2012, I wish everyone a year of adventure and bliss that fills your book from cover to cover. We can’t wait to see what this year brings us— to fill in our life’s next chapter. It’s going to be awesome.

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive- to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love-then make that day count!”

― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Much Love,