28 February 2012

Mustache Bash {Project Pretty}

What better way to soak up the month of Love, than to celebrate the soon-to-be birth of a friend’s baby?

To throw a baby shower, of course!

And so we did. A few friends and I gathered to honor E’s little bambino with a Mustache Bash. It was small and intimate, personal and homey --just the way she wanted it.

The shower was themed around all things little man --pinstripes, bow ties, and of course, mustaches!

Here are some of the decorations and how-to’s that we incorporated into the theme.

baby shower cake made with regular cake mix with strawberries in the middle. for frosting recipe, see below. and for the bow tie on top --sculpted out of fondant and food coloring.

 small tissue pom-poms 

  1.  fold the tissue in a front to back motion (like an accordion) 
  2. cut the tissue in half, then secure each one in the middle with a pipe cleaner, wire, or string 
  3. carefully spread out the layers of tissue. The more tissue you use, the fuller your pom will be 

"boy, oh, boy" banner printed on card-stock paper and hung on twine --I designed this in photoshop. It's super easy, but if you'd like this FREE printable banner, I will email it to you.

 striped garland using twine and 4 spools of ribbon

5x7 "Keep Calm and Grow On" I designed in photoshop
If you'd like a FREE printable of this, I'll email it to you.

bow tie mason jars
"W" wreath.

  1. wrap twine tightly around the wreath form
  2. modpodge your choice of paper onto a plain wooden letter and cut off the excess, then hot glue the letter onto the wreath 
  3. make your bow tie out of 2" ribbon and attach with hot glue

and for the frosting on the cake (literally), here is my Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. It’s delish; you won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth, I hope you enjoyed your baby shower! I can't wait to meet your new little mister man!

I will return later this week with a birthday post, deployment post, and another Project Pretty.

Happy Week,


15 February 2012


My baby squirrel bravely leaps a little higher, is slightly more bushy tailed, and the curiosity in his dark beady eyes ignites a little brighter. He moves freely and smoothly, full of confidence because he knows he turned two, and two only means double the adventure and twice the independence.

His little soul is like a Dreamcatcher – only allowing the brilliant goodness to remain while his fears, worries, and indifference filters through and leaves with the light of day. His spark vividly burns, wild and free, ready to take on the world. And with that, it’ll carry him through to achieve great things.

Life is full.

His life is full.

And with him, my life is full.

My imagination sees you, like a painting by Van Gogh. Starry nights and bright sunflowers, follow you where you may go. Oh, I've loved you from the start, in every single way and more each passing day.You are brighter than the stars. Believe me when I say, It's not about your scars, It's all about your heart.  ~Kendra Lowe

(Maaaaaaaaaaa, as Wills says)

14 February 2012

Love, love

Yesterday it snowed. 

Truth be told, I doubted my weatherman when he said snow was in the forecast --he let me down many times in the past, but now he’s rightfully redeemed. We woke up to a nice thin sheet of white snow --neither fluffy nor powdery, but good enough to get my winter fix.

7:30 hit and we were out the door, sledding down our side hill, sculpting snowballs, and making snow angels.

Oh, how I have missed you.

On the way to school Krysta said, “I miss the snow so much. When are we going back to Alaska?”

With those words, my heart aches. It’s a question that I honestly don’t have an exact answer for, but I do know this… one day, one day we’ll return.

Growing up on the East Coast I’ve always considered myself a beach girl; I lived for the summer; I breathed in the salty air as much as humanly possible; stayed outside until my skin burned from the sun. But over the years I’ve grown to realize, as much as I love the ocean, I’m perfectly content living up North --extreme North-- surrounded by mountains and birch trees and alpine creatures. I now live for Autumn and Winter; I love breathing in fresh crisp air that rolls off of the mountain tops and I’m over-the-moon when snow flurries begin floating down and wildlife perches itself in my front yard. One day, I will live that life again.

All morning, her words weighed heavily on my heart --her longing to be back up North, enjoying life as she once knew. I recognized that the snow would melt and disappear as quickly as it came, so we picked her up from school early to squeeze the bejezus out of any remaining snow patches.

starring wide-eyed with anticipation for more flurries

William was completely smitten. He ran out the door before I could get his shoes on!


Today is Valentine’s Day. Love Day.

The kids and I awoke to chocolates and flowers left by my handsome devil. And I may or may not have sent Krysta to school with a sugar buzz…

Instead of purchasing cards and candy, we created our own little Valentine gift baggy for Krysta’s classmates.

Here’s how you make it--

What you’ll need:
Snack ziplocks
Cardstock paper and a printer
Staples and a paper cutter

For the tag:
In Photoshop create a file size 6.5x2
Place your image to the size you’d like, and then add scripty fonts and a message. SAVE
Then create a second file, sized 6.5x4
Copy and paste your SAVED image twice (flipping ONLY your second image horizontally). SAVE
Almost done… create a third file, sized 8.5x11
Copy and paste your 6.5x4 images. You can fit 3 images on one sheet of paper.

Now cut and fold your tag.
Fill your baggy and candy of your choice, then staple your tag onto the ziplock.

VOILA, easy heartfelt Valentine’s gifts.

I’m heading off to prep food with a friend, clean my house, and set up a few decorations.... there’s gonna be a baby shower tomorrow!

This month's cup is spilling over the rim in love, love it.

Big Hearts,

09 February 2012

Felt Heart Garland {Project Pretty}

 Welcome to the very first posting of Project Pretty.

Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, I thought it would be perfect to demonstrate an easy craft centered around hearts. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. It brings out a nice burst of color among the dreary haziness of winter.

*First, make your pattern by cutting out a heart on regular paper. Secure your pattern onto the felt with a pin, and cut around it.

*Next, add a drop of glue (I used hot glue) onto the top of the heart and attach your string.


Happy Crafting,


08 February 2012

Introducing Project Pretty

I'd like to introduce you to, Project Pretty.

The concept of Project Pretty literally came to me over the weekend while working on multiple projects at once. As I was cutting, gluing, sanding, priming --what have you-- I thought, how great would it be to add a solo post dedicated to only my DIY projects and crafts, inspirations and musings, along with how-to tutorials for each project.

My goal is to post one tutorial every Thursday, ranging anywhere from home improvements to hands on crafts for the kids. NO Pressure.

And so today, Project Pretty is born.

I hope to inspire, and in turn, be inspired.

Happy Crafting,


03 February 2012

Hunkering Down

I was hoping to be up and moving and out of the house by the end of the week, but life’s current has shifted into dangerous waters; a whirlpool of speedy deployment dates and a very sick child. My emotions are raw and my head is cloudy, so this is going to be a quickie post…

Sunday night William came down with the worst cold to date, and it has yet to subside. Our week has been spent plunging noses, swallowing cold meds, and bringing down on-again-off-again fevers. I literally have a rosy cheeked, runny nosed toddler attached to my hip during the day and on my shoulder at night, and with an average of 4hrs/night, we’re exhausted, drained, donzo.

We’re hunkering down and gliding through the swell, hoping to make it out before the wave truly crashes. And it’s a big one. Tsunami style.

This week, we’ve been living by the motto, “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” --along with chicken noodle soup, orange juice, and tissue… lots and lots of tissue.

I said, “Wills, how sick are you?”

He stretched out his arms and said, “dis!”

Love him.

On a side note: check out who has a little curl action going on! You can bet your booty I’m growing his hair out. We're going for a hippie-surfer-ish, wild and free hairdo that matches his personality.

And we’re out.

Be well, be free.