04 July 2010

Gotta love sisters.

I went to take a shower, so I said to Krysta, “please watch William, but if he starts to cry, run and get me.”

I planned on being in the shower for 3 minutes before Krysta runs in saying, “Mama, mama, William’s crying!”

3 minutes pass…nothing. 5 minutes pass…still nothing. I thought to myself, “this is awesome!” I completed a full shower without having to repeatedly jump out to entertain William.

Then a numbing feeling hit- silence for kids usually means they’re up to no good.

I went downstairs and this is what I saw…

Krysta excitedly said, “doesn’t he look pretty?!?!”

Oh, poor William! Your sister is going to use this photo for blackmail purposes for many years to come.

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  1. Oh my, that's funny and sad all together. Poor little guy!!