26 July 2010

Days like this.

It's days like this that makes my world go 'round. Days like this where I'm absolutely tickled from my finger tips to the tips of my toes. Days like this where I feel like I'm the richest woman in the world. The richest in love, because I'm blessed with these two beautiful children. If my love for them is a string, it would wrap around the world more times than I can count. They've given more joy and happiness than I've ever thought possible.

Everyday is a blessing. Watching their little bright eyes soaking up the world around them, I can't help but to wonder what's going through their minds. Oh how I would love to dive into their soul, to see wonder and beauty through their eyes. There's so much to learn through the innocence of childhood.

As I'm photographing them, I start to daydream. Daydreaming about a few years into the future when William is three years old. He's laughing with a frog in his hand, chasing after his big sister, who is shrieking and yelling, "MOOOOOOOOM,TELL WILL TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" I daydream about William walking around with earthworms in his bucket and his pants falling down because his pockets are full of rocks. I daydream of Krysta laying in an open field of crisp green grass making flower wreaths for her hair, watching song birds and monarch butterflies soar across a bright blue sky full of white cotton balled clouds.

Our future looks bright and beautiful. Full of happiness.

That's the key to life, you know. Happiness.

My mom once told me that all you need in life is your health and to be surrounded by people who love you. How simple is that? Very. If you want to be happy, just be.

It's what we all strive to do, whether we realize it or not. We're all on different roads of life. Seeking. Searching. Finding. Discovering.

Walk the path of your yellow brick road. And when you do, it will be lined with golden sunshine, boys and their frogs, girls and their flower wreaths, and so much joy- you'd thought you died of an overdose of pure sheer happiness.

"The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1." Author Unknown
So go out and get your daily dose!

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