30 June 2010

North Carolina. Part 2

When I sit down to write a blog post, 99% of the time I have no idea where to start or if I do, 99% of time it ends in a completely different direction.

This is one of those times.

I have dozens of photos of Krysta J playing in the fountain in Charlotte, NC- I mean what do I say? She had fun? Cause she did! Boy. did. she. have. fun!

My Aunt said, "I think this is the most fun Krysta's had all week!"
I said, "No, this is the most fun she's had ALL summer!"

It's true. Krysta has had some good times this summer, but this was the frosting on the cake. No, correction. THIS was the cherry, that's on top of the frosting, that's on top of the cake!

(notice that Krysta has a different bucket in every photo. P.S. We didn't bring any buckets with us!)

It was so refreshing to hear water splashing down on the terra cotta bricks covered with children laughing endlessly in brightly colored swim suits, and to feel the cold drops of water cool our sun scorched skin.

Yes, it truly was a good time.

There's no doubt in my mind that my little fish is going to easily make friends. She can gravitate towards anyone and turn it into a good time. The life of the party, is what my girl is. Before I knew it, she had all the kids interacting together, playing "splashing" games.

Oh and William? He had a pretty good time too. He sat contently on my lap watching the kids play as the cool breeze from the water cooled him down. It won't be long before he joins in on the fun with a water-filled diaper drooping to his knees, joyous waddling his way through the bursts of water streams. Man, I can't wait for those days!

Who knew that a bucket and water shooting from the ground could be so much fun and bring so many good memories! It was the perfect relief to a HOT HOT day. Have I mention how hot it was? Um yeah, it was hot- so hot you could scramble eggs on my head. No joke!

North Carolina, I miss you terribly, but you can keep your heat and humidity.

A life without love is like a year without summer.
-- Swedish Proverb


  1. OMG! I L-O-V-E those sandles!! So awesome!

  2. i love love love all the water fountain pics, and i like how you did the block of color next to some of the photos as well...did you just do that in photoshop? i might have to try it. : )

  3. Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog (: I'm a north carolina gal too! Miss it there. But I agree, NC can keep that humidity!

    Hope you're having a great day~

    PS. Your babies are beautiful!

  4. Hey Joy- THANKS! Old Navy baby! haha They have tons of different colors and styles.

    Hey Rachel- yes, I used photoshop! I like to keep all of my photos the same size. I actually saw this idea on a couple of blogs- perhaps it's becoming a trend?

    Hi Kristy! Thanks for checking out my little blog! I enjoy reading yours. Where in Carolina are you from? I hope all is well!