14 July 2010

The Sweat Test.

Friday afternoon I received a phone call from Peds saying that I've been approved to go downtown for further testing on William. This test will be ran for Cystic Fibrosis. Scary, right? I can't help but to mentally prepare for a positive result- thinking about how it will effect our life, how it will effect Will's life, our future, the present, what plan of action do we take next, and so on.

Do I think he has Cystic Fibrosis? No. If he does, I'll be surprised. However, we can't rule it out. There's defiantly something going on because his number's are three times higher than the average baby- it's just a matter of searching and ruling out test to find the correct diagnoses.

Here are a few pictures from the test. Honestly, I was more nervous than he was. My kid can rock out some tests!

P.S. Please excuse the poorly angled/out of focus photos. It was a bit difficult holding William in my lap while taking pictures with one hand.

If he doesn't have Cystic Fibrosis then it's back to the drawing board- back to the lab every 2-4 weeks for more blood work. This is so mentally exhausting. I'm really needing answers.

On a lighter note- William is learning to sit up. We have a ways to go, but we're getting there- practice makes perfect! We're hitting milestones left and right- my babe is growing so fast.

Please keep Baby William in your prayers!

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