07 July 2010

Independence Day.

It's that time of year when America decks out in stars and stripes of red, white, and blue and we all gather around for picnics, parades, and other star spangled outdoor festivities, all in the name of Liberty and Freedom.

For us in Alaska, it was a cold, gray, rainy day. The kind of day where it's perfect for cuddling under a thick quilt with a cup of hot tea. But, not us. No, we were determined to be outdoors between rain sprinkles. And so, that's what we did.

We headed down to the secluded water's edge- where it was us just us. Our very own private beach.

I'm a little- alright, greatly- paranoid of bears, like on a psycho level. Bears, moose, wolves, and I do not mesh well together. So, of course I pulled out the "eyes in the back of my head" (only a superpower available to mamas) and kept watch out on the woods. I even planned out our escape route in my head- just in case. Can you see the level of psycho?

We didn't see any bears or wolves, BUT we did see two ginormous moose. Yes, they were so big, I had to join gigantic and enormous together. Thankfully we were back in the car- I think I would have fell over right there on that pebble beach with a heart attack if we were face to face!

On a side note: Moose run faster than there clumsy legs and huge backside lets on.

I know I've mentioned this many times over, but I just love watching these two interact together. Today was no different. Ron taught Krysta J how to skip rocks and she loved every moment of it. With every rock that Ron skipped, she would say, "Whoa DAD!" and excitedly jump up and down.

It was a good day filled with precious moments that I've mentally tucked away in still-frames.

Here are a few of the views we saw....

How did you celebrate your Freedom?


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