13 April 2011

A night to remember.

 Last Saturday Ron took Krysta to a Father-Daughter Ball in downtown Anchorage. They had a blast, to say the least.
Today, my husband blogged a little about their experience....

Proud that it fit as well as it had the last time I wore it, I once again got decked out in my semi-formal uniform to take my little princess to the ASYMCA’s annual Father-Daughter ball. And she, dressed for a night on the town, complete with curls and conservatively applied makeup, was ready for a night of dancing, princesses, cupcakes and mac-and-cheese.

This year’s theme was “Under the Sea”, and Princess Ariel (who looked curiously just like last year’s Candyland Princess) was there to top it all off.  But, Krysta wasn’t here for the theme. Nope, she was here for one purpose: to GET DOWN.

 iPhone Photo
And get down she did. She rocked out to The Village People’s YMCA.  She broke it out to Jarod Neimann’s Lover, Lover.  And that was just the beginning.  This year, Madeline and her daddy, Chad, joined us to make it a real party.

Once everything calmed down a little, the girls made a little time for photos, including one with Ariel, and another with her balloon hat. It may not be much, but yes, I made it.

 iPhone Photo

 iPhone Photo

It was another great Father-Daughter Ball that we will forever cherish.


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  2. OMGoodness! Such sweetness! Your little princess looked so beautiful in her dress. I love father daugther dances! It looks like she had an awesome time and I loved watching the video's of her dancing!!!!

    Have I told you lately that your an awesome photographer?

  3. Awww, it looks like they both had a blast! And as always, beautiful pictures. :)