29 April 2011

Still a reason to celebrate.

Every morning I wake up with half-squinted eyes peering open to the sounds of a crying toddler over the bedroom monitor. Every morning I pull William out of his crib, who instantly wedges his head perfectly in the crook of my neck, and every morning, with wobbly knees we scoot downstairs.

As we round the landing of the stairs, we stop for a moment to look out outside to see snow or a pink sunrise or a moose or sometimes just a grey, gloomy, hazy dawn. Once we’re satisfied that it is indeed morning and we are indeed getting up for the day, we proceed the rest of the way downstairs where I’m hit,every morning, by the intense aroma of coffee gurgling in our red coffee pot. Ron brews two cups of coffee for me --rain or shine-- every. single. morning.

Today however, was not like all of my other every mornings. Today my girl and I woke up at the crack of dawn to undergo an EEG. Today my girl was nervous beyond belief, but wore her big girl brave face.

pardon my blurry photo

Krysta has been having random, non-patterned, on and off seizures for the past 3+ years. There’s no rhyme or reason on what causes her to have them; the only thing that’s constant is the actual seizure itself -her eyes roll back, she collapses, and her body does a little shake making her body extremely limp.

We’ve done an EEG before, but the results were unsuccessful. We’re praying that we can find answers, so we can get down to the root of the problem.

When your world is shaken up with the not-so-perfect combination of uneasiness, worry, and insecurity, we tightly wrap ourselves into one another.

We are a family. We are entwined together. And we deal with the good, the bad, and the unknown together.


In celebration of one step closer to finding answers, we treated the kids to a rare outing to Moose Tooth Pizza, the most delish, overpriced pizza in Alaska, followed by a trip a Barnes & Nobles for new books.

 I'm currently reading "The Fixer Upper" (love Mary Kay Andrews!) Krysta's reading...all the rest!

We tend to find many reasons to celebrate around these parts –birthdays, a lost tooth, a “hey I finished all the laundry”. It’s the good, the bad, and the unknown that makes up life, and that alone is worth celebrating, every day.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”  ~Oprah

 Happy Friday!



  1. Your children are so adorable. I will keep you guys in my prayers!

  2. You have beautiful children! ^^ I just wish that your daughter will be alright soon. Sending you my prayers.

  3. I love taking the boys to the bookstore while I sip some liquid energy!!
    I have seizures randomly too. It turned out to be not very serious and has become very rare now that I know how to handle it. Good luck with your sweet little one:)

  4. That must be so scary for you and for her! Thinking of you!