10 April 2011


When I’ve been knocked off my feet, and I mean the laying-on-the-floor-seeing-stars type of knocked off my feet, I homebody.

Whenever something jolts your emotions --positive or negative-- we tend to gravitate back to our center, our core, our home base. I do homebodying very well. It’s one of my specialties --because it's my family that rejuvenates me, that makes me whole again, that brings me back to the center, and puts me at peace.

So here's my center:

As much as I’m ready for green grass and flowered fields, I love spring snow. I’m soaking up the merging of the seasons as much as possible because it will be a longtime, possibly forever, until I see sights like these and the feeling that we’re coming out of the cold darkness and into the light and warmth of summer. I want to feel it all. I want to see it all. I want to experience the simplicity of Alaska, like how light dances off of the snow, twinkling against the perfect shade of blue sky in a spotlight of golden sun rays.

Mother Nature blessed us with multiple spring snow showers this week, you better believe I was on Cloud 9. To see the iridescent flakes swoosh their way down, swaying and twisting and spiraling along the way like circus acrobats put me in a state of pure bliss.

William is still mesmerized by the snow. It tickles him to death when he reaches out to catch the clusters of flakes, only to see them instantly disappear to his touch. As long as he isn’t bundled in his snowsuit, he’s golden.

You know what else puts me in a state of pure bliss? My little family tightly cuddled together, flipping through pages of books, laughing as we change our voices to make the character and point to the brightly colored illustrations. It’s all about the homebodying, the togetherness.

And you can’t truly homebody without doing a little homemade cooking. The knife going chop, chop, chop across the cutting board, the mincing of garlic, and the peeling back of an onion that releases a strong tang aroma puts me into the role of Julia Child.

 homemade cookies is a given when homebodying

Since we’re on the subject of role playing, my inner Martha Stewart came out to teach Krysta Jean how to sew. I must say that after her fear of getting pricked by the needle, she did a smashing job!

She says she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up, and I say go for it!

Presenting Krysta’s first sewing project! Doesn’t Barbie look glamorous?

We don’t live it up by hardcore partying, getting wasted of off booze, or even by getting wild at the club. We live it up by get drunk off of life. By embracing the small moments that bring us huge amounts of joy and laughter is how we roll. And I’m good with that.

Here’s a fantastic example of how we get down:

Oh yeah! We’re a WILD bunch!

I'm at peace. What can be better than that?

I was fortunate enough to capture one of God's paintings. He used an excellent shades of orange and yellow. And do you see his brushstrokes? Spectacular! Bravo God, Bravo!

One more great orange thing:
As many of you know, my grandmother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I’ve joined efforts with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help spread awareness and raise money for Parkinson’s research.
Friday night was kind of a big deal! The Empire State Building was lit up orange in honor of MJF!

 I hope y'all squeezed the bejesus out of your weekend and enjoyed every moment of it!


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  1. You have a beautiful family. I really enjoyed looking at your photos. That last one is adorable. =)