27 April 2011

Twenty-Nine and Dancing Around the Sun.

I turned 29. You know the one that comes right before 30! I’m feeling pretty good about this --the moment the second hand on the clock slowly ticking over 1:05pm, officially making me a year older.
It’s a feeling of empowerment and excitement of what lies ahead as I create the last year of my twenties. I’ve earned my spot in adulthood and that alone is something to celebrate. I’ve grown to the point in my life where I’m no longer unsure of myself --what I want out of life and who I want to be-- I know exactly what I want and I know exactly who I am. And I’m living it.

I’m the creator, the producer, the painter, the sculptor, the photographer, and the author of this life of mine. The chapter of my twenty-ninth year is blank. I’m going to fill is with all things good, all things bright and cheery, and remove all the grey and black that has lurked over me, hindering me from soaring beyond limitless possibilities. I’m flying high. High on life and dancing around the sun.

Here’s to twenty-nine years, and one hundred and nine more!

How are you going to create this great big ginormous life of yours?

“Twenty-eight was great. Twenty-nine is, oh so divine." I just made that up. Cheesy, no?

Happy mid-week!

PS Check out the awesome cake that my awesome husband had made for me! He knows me all too well, and I love him for it.

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