17 April 2011

Shine On

The sun is out! I repeat, the sun is out!

When your day starts out like this -sun rays pouring in through curtains with an illuminating glow that puts a smile on my toddler’s face- you know it’s going to be a good one.

It seems that we’ve fully made the switch to spring, and for us Alaskans, this is pretty major. In Alaska, spring is also known as “the Breakup Season”. All that was once engulfed by snow is now a slushy mess --perfectly sized miniature lakes for my girl to splash around in. Our snow bibs, snow gloves, snow boots, snow shovels, and all things winter, are all packed away, and have been replaced by all things spring, like rain boots, budding trees, adirondack chairs, and sidewalk chalk.

It has been a long seven months since we’ve seen such radiant light like we’ve been having this week. The hazy grey winter air has parted ways, bringing forth bright blue skies, white marshmallow clouds, and golden sunrays, and with each passing day, it keeps getting better and better.

Everyday a little warmer. Everyday a little longer. Everyday a little brighter. Everyday a smile on my face.

When warmth and light collide it creates the perfect recipe for good times in the front yard. We love front yard pastimes. It means turning the sidewalk into a work of art and the happy squealing of children and the smells of BBQs and the blowing of bubbles and a tiny tot trying to keep up with his big sister.

This weekend was spent making any and all last attempts to play with the leftover snow.

It’s amazing how we went from months upon months of this,

to this in just a few weeks time.

Everything is a little better in the spring, don’t cha think?


  1. I like your blog! The sun feels so refreshing! I like your picture with the baby as well...Daniel

  2. *Almost* all the snow is thawed here as well. Its nice to see grass again. It sure has been a while and I forgot what it looked like! Of course we keep getting snow showers but at least it melts off quickly. And Sunday its going to be a warm 59 degrees!! Flip-flop and shorts weather on Easter... its just unheard of around here!!

    Lacey @ www.courageisnotanimage.blogspot.com
    I'm at Minot AFB, ND btw. Pretty similar winters. lol

  3. Spring is the best! And so is that first picture. So sweet!

  4. Your blog is so cute....your kids are adorable! I am glad I found you today. I'm a new reader!

    Come visit if you want.
    -The Glamorous Army Wife