30 October 2010

And then life suddenly changed.

This morning I had a great post all typed up and ready to go.

I was going to talk about how life has been chaotic, but fabulous. Fabulous, because in these chaotic times is when I feel the most alive. I’ve been busily running around, checking off my to-do list, all while being over-caffeinated.

I’ve been dicing, mincing, steaming, and boiling.

Having heart-to-heart conversations with my firstborn over pumpkin spiced lattes and books

and spending time with the hubs gathered around the breakfast bar, taking in the savory smells of Ron cooking tacos.

I’ve been cherishing my babes little childhood moments and chasing an over-active bouncing boy who’s too big for his own britches.

I also gave Krysta full reign when making the decision on her haircut. She opted for short. Super short. And I have to say, it’s super cute.

Through it all, I even took a moment to drink up the views and watch first real snow fall of the season.

Now I will tell you about dance class. She was all arms out, shoulders back, toes pointed, little Ms. Prima Ballerina.

Little did we know, life would change for us in a split second. Priorities would be rearranged. And that “to-do”, well it’s taking the backseat.

You start your day off feeling like you’re the king of the castle, ruler of your empire, ready to take on the world. You get things accomplished and you’re feeling great. Nothing can bring you down. Then, you get a phone call. That phone call that brings you to your knees.

The shaky quiet voice on the phone says, “Em, Krysta just had a seizure and collapsed.”

Everything suddenly goes dark, then a quick flash of light. Your heart drops into your gut. Your entire body goes cold, but yet it feels like you’re overheated all at the same time. Your mind is racing and the room is spinning. You’ve just been dethroned, your empire has just been defeated, your world has just crumbled.

You see, this has happened before. After many tests and trips to the hospital –both on and off base- Doctors and Specialists couldn’t find anything wrong with her. So we’ve resulted in an observation period. Now, three years later, we will start from the beginning. The slate has been wiped clean and hopefully we can get to the root of the problem with a new series of tests.

Krysta says, now I can add these stickers to my sticker collection. Always the bright-side, this kid.  


But hey, let's not dwell because right now she's fine, we're fine. There's a lot of life to be had and it's ours for the taking. We're going to regain control over our castle, rebuild our empire, and live life to its maximum capacity.

Tomorrow is Halloween folks! Get dressed up, pull out that orange plastic pumpkin, fill it up with Starbursts and miniature Reese's, and eat yourself into a 24 hour sugar high.

Big Dude has added two more teeth. Totaling SIX pearly whites! Hence the major drool.



  1. How powerfully frightening and confusing at the same time. Love the images and the words. Sometimes fragments are as good as we can do, and it makes the story all the more powerful. Funny, looking at your pictures, the view of the mountains is almost the same as mine ;) You're so close!

  2. How scary! I am so glad she is ok...but does this mean more tests? :( Boo, tests. You're right. Her hair cut is SO CUTE.

    Have a Happy Halloween!

  3. Oh my goodness, how scary! I can't imagine that feeling. I will keep you all in my prayers. I think it is so wonderful that you and she can find the positive or the light in a scary situation though.

    My best wishes!

    Thank you for joining the round up this week :)

  4. (Hi!!! I Found your blog in the Round Up)

    Oh my, I am glad your daughter is ok! How scary. I love all your pictures, especially the baby feet, I LOVE baby feet!