26 October 2010

A carbon copy.

Do you remember back-in-the-day when businesses used carbon paper for receipts? You know, before printers and other electronic devices were used for making exact duplicates. Well, that’s what my week was. A duplicate of last week. A nice, easy going, smooth sailing, perfectly relaxing week. Easy going, smooth sailing, and perfectly relaxing are rare words in our dictionary, so when they come along –not once, but twice in a row- we soak up every last drop.

Did we have our ups and downs? Sure did. Frustrated with sleepless nights? Yes. Annoyed with unplanned meals and an untidy house? Absolutely. But we got over it and we moved on to more important things, like just being together.

We played board games and watched William stand and pull up on furniture. We chanted cheers for him like, “Whoa, Go Will” and “Come on Big Dude, You Can Do It”

And speaking of the big dude, look who’s getting some more teeth.

Since this weekend was so carefree, it gave me bunches of time of bake homemade apple pie!

…Er uh, okay maybe it was frozen Mrs. Smiths preheat to 350 and bake for 65 minutes apple pie. Either way, it was yummy and very fall-ish.

When Krysta starts saying things like, “Mom, babies take up a lot of time” and “Why are you always so busy with William”, you know it’s time for a mommy-daughter date.

We left the boys to nap, and high tailed it to Nordstrom for a little bit of girl shopping. As much as my girl loves to shop, she loves cookies and milk even more. So, we stretched out our time together and snacked in the Nordstrom sky bridge. She was over the moon watching the buses, cars, and people pass by from down below.

We’re going to have to make room for more of these dates in the near future.

As relaxing as these moments have been, believe me, we’re going to make up for it over the next month. I tell you, it’s going to be complete chaos. Constant peaks and valleys. But I got this.

For now, I’m enjoying the valleys.

PS Check out the latest drama in our neighborhood. Yes, that would be our dumpster on fire!

Have a nice, easy going, smooth sailing, perfectly relaxing week everyone!

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  1. Hi Emily! It's cool to actually "meet" a blogger that is from here! Maybe we could do lunch sometime?

  2. Oh my I love that milk! haha Beautiful pictures!

  3. Great photos!! That last one though, wow!!

  4. Isn't it great when you can actually LOVE the life your living! Sometimes it all gets away from us...sometimes it feels like such a battle...but then you remember what MEANS the most in your life and you focus on that....and life is perfect...hiccups and all!

    Loved all your pics again!

  5. Lovely! Your daughter is precious! "My teefs hurt" and the flaming dumpster really got me. Cute, and hilariously tragic! Enjoying your blog Emily :)

  6. This is a beautiful post good on you for using the time to spend it with love ones rather than stressing. The photos you took are exceptional!


  7. oh my, your kids are just precious!! beautiful images as always. :)