10 October 2010

The Paper Mama Photo Challenge: Momma & Me

 This photo was taken a week after William was born.

The Paper Mama is holding a photo challenge with the theme, Mama & Me. Fun, right? I decided to join in on the action and add a photo of my baby squirrel and I.

The Alaskan light was reflecting off of the snow and tip-toeing its way through our curtains, dancing on our linen, and lighting our room like Wrigley's Field. It was the perfect photo opportunity to capture our Babe.

I love this photograph. Perhaps it's because William's skin is so fresh and wrinkly. Or perhaps it's the way he is scrunching his face, begging not to be woken. Or perhaps it's because his tiny naked little body fits just so on my forearms.

 I look at him, and I am a different person.


The Paper Mama