17 June 2010

Just add water. (and the quickest post to date)

It doesn't get much better than this. The sun is high. The air is warm. So what do we do? We invite besties over to help share the summer fun.

In Alaska there's very little time for warm weather, so when summer comes around, we live outside. We soak up every ounce of warmth the sun has to offer, we run around barefoot, and we throw our worries out the door.

Around here, when we do summer, we DO summer! And summer isn't summer without friends and laughter. Oh, and that endless flow of water that magically creates instant childhood memories.

We sadly said goodbye to these two girls. They got orders to Florida, so as I type this they're driving the 5,000 miles across Canada and the US. We wish them happy trails!

A simple life. A simple time of year. That's how we do it.

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