25 June 2010

For Family and Friends- William's Updates

For the past 4 months we've been on a roller coaster ride, and it's not the "amusement park, wave your hands in the air because it's more fun" type of ride. This is the "Oh my God my baby could be sick, waiting for answers, and living in limbo" type of ride. An emotional roller-coaster.

Now 4 months later, we're still doing blood work dealing with his kidneys and liver, and waiting for results. It seems like all we do it wait.

Wait for the blood results
Wait for the doctor to call
Wait for the specialist to call
Wait to retest again...

Then it restarts from the beginning.

So, this week we retested...and the results are better, but we're still not in the clear. Now we're waiting to hear back from the specialist, again.

Oh look, more of that "waiting and living in limbo!" Do you see the circle we've been living in?

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