29 January 2013

Valentine's Day Free Printable

 Love is starting to fill the air. It's that time of year where people start to get struck with cupid's arrow. Hearts are everywhere, from DIY pinterest ideas to mega store chains. Everyone is planning that special day for their special person-- buying roses, chocolates, candles, jewelry, dinner reservations...the list goes on.

So, in carrying on with the Valentine's Day tradition, I've decided to make a few printables to spruce up your home. These can also be used year-round-- the "LOVE" print is in my daughter's room, and looks really cute!

These print out to be 8x10.

Just Click the Download Here at the bottom of each printable:


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing! I will enjoy it for sure since it's my birthday as well on Valentines day. Hugs!