13 January 2013

North Shore

Throughout our Hawaiian Getaway, we took several Saturday day trips through the country and across the island.

Destination: The Famous North Shore.

one of my favorite pictures of the local wildlife from our trip

On the way, we drove directly through The Dole Plantation –the world’s headquarters for pineapple production—which meant an automatic oh hey, lets park over there and take a look around.

We hit the muthaload of pineapple. As soon as we walked through the doors, the juicy sweetness filled the air. Pineapples were growing out the wahzoo-- acres upon acres of ripened fruit…and that was just on the outside. Inside there were walls –ceiling to floor—stocked with all things pineapple. You could buy anything from chocolate covered pineapple, to pineapple gummy bears, to dried pineapple chips.

We were instantly sucked in. We rode the Pineapple Express, toured the Pineapple Gardens, and filled a bag full of pineapple goodies. When we loaded back into the car, my mom and I looked at each other and said, “Did we really spend half the day stocking up on pineapple merch?” Yes, yes we did.

 pineapple fields

North Shore was everything it’s talked up to be—nice beaches, good food, the BEST shaved iced, and friendly locals. It was nice to trade the crowded city, for a day of slow walks through local shops and art galleries in the small town of Hale’iwa.

the famous Rainbow Bridge

As always, I soaked up every ounce of the local beauty. The lime green foliage, the peacocks, and the little chickens that were freely running around-- every small moment left such a lasting impression.

 sweet bark!

 up close and personal with the wildlife

free range chickens

Krysta’s absolute favorite part of the day was stopping at Matsumoto for their famous shaved ice. They have the best shaved ice on the island. 9 out of 10 tourists agree.

This one minute video best represents how we spent our day: 

It was a nice change of pace. A day that was full of memory making where we can look back and say, “Remember that day when we….”.



  1. I enjoyed all your photos...as always. This warm weather you are sharing is a nice "wish" for me on the frozen days we've been having. No snow, just cold and sometimes frost. Happy week!

  2. I know I must sound like a broken record, but seriously...your pictures are SO amazing!! I would totally frame that one of the peacock especially...stunning! I love living vicariously through you during your time there...so amazing! :)