11 January 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Today, as I've been attempting to write a blog post, I find myself in tears and having to pull away from the computer. I've been dealing with a lot of issues, both good and bad, that have been weighing heavy on my heart since this past summer. Issues that have rocked me to my core.

Since it's Thankful Tuesday, I'm going to put that emotional blog post to the side, and focus on the positive aspects from this past week.

1) making GREAT progress on my latest commission. I sent a photo to my client for approval, and she LOVES it! Hard work pays off.

 2) going to Target with my firstborn for storage bins to organize her toys. Her toys were once in canvas baskets placed on her bookcase, but it didn't seem to work well. Hopefully the stacking storage bins being placed in her closet will be a better system.

3) weeded through William's baby clothes. Talk about waterworks. My baby squirrel is getting WAY TOO BIG!

4) 2011. a clean slate. a fresh start.

5) my husband, who has been cooking the majority of our dinners this week so I can continue to work on my commission.

6) iced snow. It has been so cold that the snow has turned to flaked ice which has made everything frosty and sparkly. Beautiful.

 7) my babies. William, who is learning to walk! Krysta, who is getting ANOTHER academic award this Thursday.

8) inspiration and motivation. I'm ready to be a better in all aspects of life.

9) patience. we're moving from Alaska in 18 weeks and we still have NO CLUE where we're going!


  1. It has been a long time since I have visited your beautiful world due to this pregnancy, but I am happy I did because I saw your cute new button and put it up right away.

    I am so sorry you are struggling right now. I really hope things will get better soon and I think it's fantastic to look back and think about the positives you do have going on in your life!

    Good luck on your commission! I hope we all get to see it when it's done!



  2. Oh no you're moving?! Your pictures of the towns in Alaska are always so beautiful. We are at such an ugly ugly area. I guess we could have made a bigger effort to travel into Seattle... but thats a bit of a drive and we aren't into the city life anyways :-)

    I am very excited for Fort Bliss... maybe you will join us in a warmer climate?!

  3. Thanks for joining in!

    BTW, I am passing the stylish blogger award on to you! You can check out my blog to pick it up.