06 January 2011

2011 Truly Begins

Okay so check it-- this year is already turning out to be super busy. 2011 is in full swing, so I’m strapping on my super-mom cape and carrying on to the best of my abilities.

By this weekend all Christmas decorations WILL be put away, my commission WILL be 90% complete, my laundry and house WILL be clean, and Krysta’s closet (which I started over Christmas break) WILL be organized. Don’t laugh because I can do it! I got my super-mom cape, remember?
48 hours left and counting… ready, set, GO!


New Year’s was great. It was just us, cozy pj’s, tacos, and the dropping of the NYC ball on the telly… at 8pm! With the Alaska time difference, we didn’t miss a beat.

And the holidays aren’t complete without Mimi flying 4,000 miles from the east coast to take Krysta to Build-a-Bear.

As the holidays comes to a close, the reality of the endless Alaskan winter sets in. It’s cold, icy, dark, and slow. This week, however, has been something out of the ordinary-- we’ve been hit with a heat wave!

This 30-something odd degree weather has cast a spell over me. I’m craving all things spring --spring clothes, spring colors, spring smells, spring cleaning-- but the realization that this heat wave is going to pass has held me from clicking the online “checkout” button to my shopping cart that’s full of sandals and sun hats. By the end of the week, the temps will be back in the teens and below and Alaska’s long winter will continue just as nature had intended.

our friends came back for another visit!

As the dreary January rolls on, there are still good times ahead --Valentine’s Day, William’s first birthday, Krysta’s eighth birthday. More on this subject later.

For now we’re attempting to get back on our school schedule after a fabulous winter break

sleepy head

And working painting commissions

And playing with my baby squirrel.

 pardon the holiday mess-- a hurricane William blew through our house

Everything in life has its own timing. So for now, my sandals and sun hats and dresses will patiently wait in the back on my closet, and thermals and wool will remain front and center.

On a side-note:

Hi. My name is Emily Roe and I’m an addict.

I’m addicted to Words with Friends App on the iphone. I find myself hiding in dark corners contemplating my next move.

Please save me.

Happy Friday Eve!


  1. You can do it! I've got lots of things to get done, too! I've been slowly working on it all week! I love the pictures!

  2. Thank you so much!! I hope you you have a very productive week and a great start to the new year!

  3. I love the animals! Were those moose? Or Meese? Or elk???