19 January 2011

A little bit of randomness.

 This week has been full of little nothings. As I type and attempt to make all of these little nothings into somethings, I’ve concluded that this is just going to have to be a post of pure randomness. Sometimes random is good. Sometimes random is just what we need. Sometimes random ties together into meaningful memories and family togetherness.

As I sit in front of my netbook, bouncing William with one hand and typing with the other, I’ll give you a peek of the little nothings that added up to be a fantastic something

Frozen Tundra

It has been -16 all weekend long; even now it’s around zero degrees, so you know what that means?  

Home-bodying, and lots of it.

I’ve been drinking an endless supply of coffee with Ron, reading Tinkerbell and the Quest for Neverland with Krysta, lots of playtime with Will, and of course, hiding under the false security of thick quilts as a whole.
It was just as weekends should be. Not because we got an extra day off, but because it was just us, just being. Time was literally at a standstill and I love that.

Hey you, Chubby Cheeks

As I’ve stated here and here, this year is going to be a healthier one. It’s no secret that I love food. And because I love food, I need to give myself a good kick in the rear when it comes to working-out and eating right. To start things off, I’ve gotten rid of all the bad snack-ish foods in our fridge and pantry, and replaced them with whole grains, fruits, and yogurt.

The hungry caterpillar feels my pain, but I’m not giving in. I got this! I’m embarking on a journey to a new lifestyle and I’m more than excited!

Awards and Rewards

I’m simply over the moon about this one. Last week the bigger of my bambinos received another Academic Award and Outstanding Citizen Award! Whoop Whoop!

My happiness was obvious. I was the crazy mom who was snapping a million and one photos.

Oh, and Krysta’s happiness was just as obvious! We were locking eyes and grinning at each other until our cheeks burst.

This was a HUGE moment for her, a confidence booster in its finest form!

After the ceremony, we snatched Krysta up and took her to Red Robin for lunch. Getting to eat lunch away from the school cafeteria made her day. She was on Cloud 9 and nothing was going to pull her down.

The difference Between Playtime and Sleepy-time

William and I played and played and played and then played some more. This kid LOVES his blocks. And he LOVES knocking down said blocks even more. I see lots and lots of legos in his future.

I love being a mom… even if I don’t get to sleep. This week we’ve been trying out --once again-- another sleep schedule. Dude, I gotta have my ZZZ’s! Time will tell if this one works. 


I’ve been channeling Martha Stewart. Not the insider trading part of course, but the look-at-me-I’m-super-crafty part. I’ve got TWO birthday parties to plan within TWO weeks of each other, so I’m digging deep into the cyber world for mucho inspiration. After a few trips to Micheal’s for supplies, my kitchen table is now adorned with an array of scrap paper, felt, tissue, ribbon, and hot glue sticks-- not to mention my previous project that involves a sewing machine and yards of porcelain blue dupioni silk fabric. After all is said and done, Martha Stewart’s got nothing on me!

Commissioned Fine Art

A few months ago a lady commissioned me to do a painting for her. After a few emails discussing her vision and goals for the piece, we came up with a solid layout. The photo below is only 1/3 of the painting. The remainder of the piece is extremely personal, so this is all that I will be posting online.

It is to be a wedding gift for her fiancé. I’m so honored that she chose me to do such a personal gift for her.

the color is a little off. once it's completely dry, I'll photograph it again.

On a side note, I’ve been living with this quote over the past several days…

“When I hear somebody sigh, "Life is hard," I am always tempted to ask, "Compared to what?"
- Sydney J. Harris

With that said, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my evening. I’ve got babies to bathe and nurse to sleep.

Much Love,


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