17 August 2010

Hospital Ups and Downs

Look at my growing boy! William is a whopping 19 pounds, 11ounces. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly my little dude is progressing.

This was a A+ doctor's visit. No blood work. No labs. No bad news.

William's test results came back- he's negative for Cystic Fibrosis. Awesome! We're going to run more tests at his six month mark to see if everything is looking better.

I'm confident that they will be.

William wasn't so sure about this doctor's room. The room was painted in head-to-toe with monkeys. Monkeys brushing their teeth, monkey's eating bananas, monkey's exercising, and monkey's catching some Z's. Obviously there were a lot of monkeys.

He looked at those painted monkeys like a deer in headlights- in awe- in amazement, and he squeezed the bejesus out of Sophie like there was no tomorrow.

Until we retest, we're embracing everyday life and enjoying wrapping our arms around our very own little monkey.

And always remember kids, "Don't Monkey Around with Your Health!"

After Will's appointment, Krysta and I stopped to take a few photos of her by the fountain in from of the hospital.

We were quickly chased off by the hospital security guard. Apparently, someone complained that I was taking pictures and they didn't like it! Um yeah.


On to exiting news...

Krysta met her 2nd Grade teacher last night! We're quickly approaching another year of math, spelling, and reading. Another year of school projects, school holidays, and school concerts. Another year of good times, laughter, and friends.

Here's to another school year, to new experiences, and to new childhood memories.

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