09 August 2010

Getting up and going.

This seems to be a reoccurring theme in the Roe Household, “getting up and going.”

We high tailed it to Barnes and Noble because Krysta desperately needed a new book. Oh hell, who am I kidding- we high tailed it to Barnes and Noble because I desperately needed coffee.

Krysta enjoyed nibbling on a giant sugar cookie and William, well he enjoyed nibbling on the cardboard books. We bought those half eaten books home with us, along with an American Girl book for Krysta. Her reading level has grown leaps and bounds this summer, so I felt like it was finally time to purchase the beloved line of AG books. The American Girl book has also inspired her to pull Katie (her forgotten AG doll) back off her shelf for some playtime. It was a win-win.

I feel like Krysta is approaching a new chapter in her life. A new BIG chapter. She starts second grade next week, she’s started cheerleading, hygiene has become very important to her, and her interest has advanced to the following- perfume, fashion, and hair accessories. I’d say she’s starting her “tween” years. Did we even have a tween stage when we were growing up? For all who don’t know, “Tween” are ages 8-12- between the “little girl” stage and the “pre-teen” stage. So here we are, tween and all.

William’s stage of teething continues to roll on. I wish we could pick up the pace a little, but we’re hanging in there. He’s drooling like Niagara Falls and everything in sight goes straight to his mouth- and we shall not mention the cranky parts. Um yeah, I’m ready for those pearly whites to pop out.

And speaking of “rolling on”, William is rolling over AND is sitting up with very little help. My Baby Squirrel is growing up right before my eyes. William is also testing out his new set of pipes. He busts out these high-pitched squeals, and then smiles the biggest grin known to man. It’s so loud that he can summon an army of chipmunks in a moment’s notice. Just sayin’.

In the line of keeping things balanced, Krysta and I spent a little mother-daughter time at the park. It was full of laughs and giggles, and “hey mom look at me.” I miss spending one-on-one time with my girl- going out on lunch dates, shopping trips, and doing art projects at home. Since having two children, one thing that I’ve come to realize is this, time management is a beast. Giving undivided attention is something that needs to be finely tuned and remain balanced between my two babes. We’re getting there and finding our groove.

Watching my lovies is one of my favorite things to do. Witnessing their imagination soar and soaking up the world around them is soul satisfying to say the least.

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