23 August 2010

Road Trip

At 5am we packed up the car and packed up the kids and headed to Seward, Alaska. It was our last summer hoorah before the snow hits and school starts.

The weatherman said, "sunny skies!" Hallelujah, sunny skies! It has been raining for the past month, so this trip couldn't be more perfectly timed!

...Uff-da, the weatherman let me down. It rained. and rained. and rained. Seriously dude, throw me a bone here...or an umbrella! A little bit (okay, a lot) of rain wasn't going to slow us down- we kept on trucking it out there because that's how we roll.

It was well worth it, even if it was raining. The views and scenery were spectacular- from the ocean, to the marsh and rivers, to the snow-capped mountains, to the lush foliage. The smell, oh the smell, there's nothing like it- it was like fresh morning dew and honeysuckle. Delish.
I'm harvesting these images in my memory bank and carrying with them until I'm gray-haired.

Here's our drive from my point-of-view, from Anchorage to Seward, Alaska. You see what I saw through these pictures; bugs on the windshield and all.
{more trip photos to come}

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