28 May 2010

Ahh Summer!

Yes indeed, summer has arrived. It's that special time of year where colors pop in shades of hot pink, yellow, and turquoise and shoes are prohibited.

Our summer motto is, "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem."

Daylight has currently extended to 19 hours per day (and counting), so this week we've been spending our time filled with small happenings in the front yard. We've continued to enjoy basking the sunshine and breathing in the fresh air. We're glued to our blanket in the grass like a retired man to his rocking chair on his front porch.

Since William was born in the dark of winter, he is a stranger when it comes to massive doses of sunlight. He isn't so sure about all the rays beaming down on his face, so we're going to invest in bundles of over-sized brimmed sunbonnets to protect his itty bitty eyes.

Krysta on the other hand, can't get enough! She's running around barefoot over warm pavements and grass, catching all types of wiggly creatures, and coloring our driveway every shade of the rainbow with sidewalk chalk.

I will tell you, it's summer goodness and I can't get enough!

And when Krysta plays, SHE PLAYS! Boys and their dirt have nothing on this girl!

Grass stained jeans and sparkly shoes, that's my babe.

Yes, yes, yes, there's no doubt about it, summer is here which gives us a license to be lazy. And we've been lazy at best.

Go out and enjoy your summer in slow motion.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my! I love these photos. You are a very talented photographer! Beautiful blog. I always wondered how it was to live in Alaska. Alaska was on our list of places we wanted the Army to send us, but we got Korea! How do ya'll sleep with all the sunshine? Do you take naps throughout the day, or do you maintain the regular 8 hour sleep schedule at night and just draw the shades? Interesting!!!!