03 May 2010

What goes down, must come up (as I like to say)

Let me just start off with saying: WE HAVE ALL BEEN SICK THIS WEEK!

When you have two parents plus a kid and a baby with colds, it makes daily life very difficult. Life doesn’t stop and say, “Hey Sweetie, just get some rest and I’ll make you some chicken noodle soup.” No, you suck up the cold and you continue to carry on with everyday living- even if that means having a dirty house and your homemade meals turn into take-out. Yes, my house is a royal mess and my fridge desperately needs to be restocked, but for now, it’s all getting thrown to the wind.

This week we’ve constantly blown our noses, shivered under blankets, complained about our aching bodies, and prayed that today would be the day we all feel better.

Well, that day came. We’re feeling much better, so William and I spent some time outside basking in the golden sunshine while Krysta dug for earthworms.

And she succeeded! Her earthworm now has a name. Rosabelle.


Krysta was able to find her again the next day. She gave her a “bath” because everyone knows that you have to have a clean pet, and watched her inch her way across our walkway. Rosabelle is still wiggling around in our flowerbed, nervously waiting for little hands to play with her.


Needless to say, despite being sick, we had a great end to our long week- messy house and all.

Oh, and I cannot get enough of these chubby legs and toes!

On a side note: Ice Fishing = Two Thumbs Up!

Happy Monday! Go out and grab life by the horns!

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