14 July 2013

Turn Your Lips Up

North Shore was our destination. The trip across the island required leaving the house early a must, in order to snag a parking spot. We packed the car to the brim with floaties, goggles, coolers, chairs, beach toys, towels, and boogie boards. I didn’t think the truck would close with all of our necessities, but with the help from our hip slamming action, the items wedged tightly together and the lock finally clicked.

Piled on top of one another, off we went venturing out of the city, through the country, and towards drop dead gorgeous beaches.

We ended up at Shark’s Cove. And yes, there were Whitetip Sharks below the rocks. I know this because when a guy said, “Hey, check out the three sharks”! All I saw was one shark for me, one for Ron, and one for the guy yelling, “Hey, check out these three sharks”. I didn't stick around. I hightailed it out of there so fast, the straps of my bathing suit slid off, making the rest history.


Shark’s Cove is a fantastic location to snorkel. It’s a 50 foot drop is some places, but you can still see down to the ocean floor. Schools of fish, sea urchins, rock formations, and my favorite…sea turtles, were some of the creatures we encountered. 

Swimming with the sea turtles in their natural environment?  Epic.

I swear, my heart was spilling over the rim for these creatures. So graceful. So beautiful. 

While Ron and I had a blast underwater, Krysta was full of giggles boogie boarding over the waves with my mom. She did so good zipping over the waves and riding them onto the shore. Boogie boarding is now her current addiction, along with snorkeling. Next step, paddle boarding…so stay tuned for when that day comes!

It makes smile seeing my babies so content and so naturally drawn to the salt life.

As Will says, “Your lips turn up, Mom-Mom!”

I hope your weekend was a blast and that it made your lips turn up!

Love, Emmie


  1. I love all your pictures of happiness! It makes me excited to take my little one to Hawaii someday!

    1. Thank you! Yes- I def recommend it! We made so many lasting memories for the kids. Such an amazing experience!

  2. You guys look like you have SO MUCH fun. I found you after looking up Air Force wives, as I am one (but my husband is in the Air Guard) too. Your art and your soul just shine through your posts. I'm so enlightened by your famliy's pics... they're beautiful :)


    1. HI! It's always so great to meet other AF wives! Where are you guys stationed? We're in OK for now. Thank you so much for the compliment!!! That makes my day :)