05 July 2013


We filled our beach bag with water, towels, sunscreen, and goggles, and loaded the car with beach chairs and sand buckets, all in record time, just as grey-toned clouds stretched over our heads. There was a second of hesitation --keep heading towards the beach or pack it in for a dry day-- but that second of hesitation quickly passed. We steered straight towards the water.

The sky was a stark contrast compared to the previous week of brilliant blues and lime greens. Today, the island colors shifted into a haze with a hint of silver, giving the beach a mysterious feel.

It was equally beautiful. 

And equally enjoyed.

Our silver day in pictures…

"There is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather." -John Ruskin

We're filling our days with all things good... the gold sun and the silver rain.



  1. Oh girl, I am so so jealous. All of your posts are like paradise. Is your mom looking to adopt? ;) I'd say enjoy, but clearly that's already happening!

  2. It looks like you guys had soooo much fun at the beach! I WISH we could make a trip to the ocean... I miss it!

  3. I'm way behind on blog reading since I've been back from vacation! So I apologize for the delayed comment on this post but I love your photos!! Looks like a blast!

  4. These photos are so cute!