20 July 2013

Summer Happiness

I packed my agenda in my carry-on bag with the intent to plug in activities, to-dos, and a plan for our Hawaiian trip-- that agenda has yet to be put to use. Instead, we wake up slowly without plans or schedules and we wing it, rolling with the punches, keeping it light.

Our days have been filled with salty air, sandy toes, and golden sunshine. It’s the perfect combination for summer happiness.

Here are bits of our happiness:

Impromptu picnics in the park (bird bombing included)

…followed by vibrant beach days.

A boy and his bucket.

A boy and his duckie. This photo is the definition of pure contentment.

Sun drenched baby faces.

Saving the apple.
We’ve lost many apples to the sea and sand…probably more than we’ve actually eaten. I told him, this is his last apple, if he loses it, that’s it. He made sure to raise that apple as high as it could go and protect it with all his might against the waves…that apple is floating somewhere in the Pacific.

This. This hits me right to my core because I know exactly what’s going in her mind. She’s creating and writing stories in her head. After several moments of daydreaming and starring off into the horizon, she’ll run over to tell me her stories, her make-believe adventures with mermaids and fairies, and her future plans of opening a boutique or a restaurant or becoming an artist. She’s shining bright.

Shaved ice on the beach. Because it’s awesome. Enough said.

Still loving these birds.

And Will loves the birds too…in the same sense of Cops and Robbers, Cowboys and Indians.

and my favorite, being together. As much as they push each others buttons and test their limits and push the boundaries, a moment like this pushes the scale back to the balancing position.

I’m ending with this quote, which is perfect for summer happiness:

“and these are the days we dream about when the sunlight paints us gold”

Love, Emmie


  1. OMG! Is that Waikiki Beach? Which part of it? This is where exactly I wanna go when I go to Hawaii one day (hopefully). That light blue sea the kids are hanging is amazing. I'm so glad that you guys had lots of fun over there!!

  2. How fun! We are going to the beach in a few weeks. But it won't be as warm as Hawaii but I love it anyway. Haven't been there all year and I NEED to go. Love your post and enjoying your fun. Your family is fun and we need a photo of you too! :0) Take care and God bless you all!