16 July 2013

Smooth and Easy

We kicked the day off smooth and easy, starting with Will pretzeling himself around my arm saying, “Mom, don’t go away”. You can’t argue with something like that, so we stayed in bed a little longer until he popped up his head of blonde curls wanting eggs. When the sun streaming through the window grew more intense we shifted into the kitchen to meet his request. Just as I started to break the yoke, the meltdown happened…

Apparently his Batman toy doesn’t hold the weapons properly, resulting in Batman’s sword fighting skills to be flimsy. Will’s dissatisfaction in my inability to fix this problem made for the biggest 360 meltdown ever! 

Needless to say, my smooth and easy morning has transformed into hard and fast. I’m packing beach bags, peanut butter sandwiches, bathing suits, and a cranky toddler, and running out the front door.

In the meantime, here are some of our smooth and easy moments from the other day.

Disclosure: there are not many photos of my first born in this post because she was busy snorkeling... But fret not, there’s plenty of my feisty tot.

I hope your day is smooth and easy, friends!

Love, Emmie

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