12 July 2013

Through Flora

I deeply inhaled as we entered Foster’s Botanical Gardens. Lush foliage and vibrant flora surrounded us as we weaved through the palms, exploring the exotic greenery. A true slice of tropical heaven.

Ron, our personal travel guidebook, led the way. Navigating through the dirt paths. Pointing. Explaining. Informing.

This one is a Carnauba Wax Palm. It’s used to make Gummy Bears, he would say.

And this one, he would point out, is a Doum Palm. Egyptians would bury their pharaoh’s with them.

Oh and Em, check this out- this palm is used to make Chiclets chewing gum! 

How old do you think this tree is? 
200 years old, I replied. 
It is 83 years old! Look how big it already is. Crazy, right?! He exclaimed. 

Personally, I call this one the Cyclops Tree. I’m not sure of the technical term…I’ll have to ask Ron.

I still laugh when I look at these photos because it’s totally him— loaded with facts and teaching us his findings.

The gardens were vacant, so I’d like to believe that we hit a rare find- a quiet diamond in the rough amongst busy streets and city buildings. We let the kids run loose to discover and explore the grounds in their own way—winding through the greenery, touching and feeling the various foliage, climbing rocks and spinning around trees. It was equal parts educational and fun for all of us. 

 clearly William doesn't like posing for photos...

 for all you NCSU fans out there... here's a little Wolfpack for you! 

Here is a bucket full of the beautiful flora that was growing in the gardens:

this is what's called a Cannon Ball Tree.

"The Earth laughs in flowers." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

...then this island is full of belly laughs!

Love, Emmie

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  1. The garden is beautiful. I can't believe that you were so lucky to have it all to yourself. Hope you have a wonderful day.

    Heidi’s Wanderings