01 March 2012

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf {Project Pretty}

Welcome to another edition of "Project Pretty."

We previously celebrated Krysta and William’s birthday with a “Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf” theme. I loved how all of the decorations transformed our ordinary home into a cozy woodland --perfect for all of our Reds’ and Wolves. While I’m anxious to tell you about our big day, I thought I’d share the break down on how I created various elements of the themed décor.

For Red Riding Hood photos, click here

Here is the overview of the dining area.

I filled this area with moss, wildlife, colorful ribbon, and lots of wood slices.

tablecloth: 4 yards of natural burlap, tied with twine --no sewing needed
terrarium: filled 1/4 with various moss, displayed with woodland creatures
toadstools + blue birds: sculpted from polymer clay. bake at 325ish for around 10-20 minutes.
table wreath: all supplies from Hobby Lobby (tutorial below)
evergreen trees: Hobby Lobby Christmas clearance
table centerpiece: all from Lowes --Dusty Miller planted in tiny clay pots. given to each kid
cupcake + cake display: supplies from Hobby Lobby (tutorial below)
bunting banner: Sweet Pea Fabrics on Etsy (tutorial below) 
mason jars: chocolate cookie mix in a jar. fabric here, recipe here. given to each family. 

 Krysta's Cake

regular vanilla cake mix. I added fresh strawberries to each layer.
cream cheese frosting recipe, here

for embellishments, I used a floral bird and butterflies from Hobby Lobby. I added red gingham ribbon at the base of the two layers. cake is displayed on a wood slice.

William's Cake

regular chocolate cake mix. I added 3/4 of chocolate chips and one box of chocolate pudding.
cream cheese frosting recipe, here.

for embellishments, I used food coloring to coconut for "grass" and added a blue and white polkadot ribbon at the base. I then added moss balls and a wooden squirrel figurine from Hobby Lobby, all placed on a wood slice.


 cupcake stand

use one large wood slice and two smaller slices.
three dowel robs, cut in half to use as your dividers. attach with WOOD GLUE.
with hot glue, place moss around the robs.
for embellishments, you can add butterflies, birds, bees, etc

Bunting Banner


cut fabric into triangles
hot glue yard or ribbon to the FRONT


with felt, cut out your letters (I printed my letters from my computer to use as a pattern)
thread string around the edges of each letter
hot glue the letter onto each triangle (this will prevent string fly-aways from the back)

 wreath centerpiece

start with an extra large grapevine wreath form, hot glue Spanish moss randomly around the wreath and add berries or flowers.
attach various patterned and colored ribbon to the backside of the wreath.

OPTIONAL: add birds and small decorative items (very lightweight) to hang from the ribbon to add interest.

Front Door Wreath

I love the idea of a themed wreath to greet you at the front door. It helps set the mood of the event.

medium sized grapevine wreath. hot glue reindeer moss partially around the wreath.
add miniature bunting banner made from ribbon and attached with fishing line.
I added a Red Riding Hood (McDonald toy bought from Amazon for $1.50) and a wolf figurine. 

That just about wraps up the how-to's from our Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf birthday party. Come back next week for another "Project Pretty."

Happy Crafting,



  1. I LOVE the toadstools!! I want to make some for my garden! I wonder if they could handle the weather.

  2. THANKS! I'm going to try to find other uses for them as well. In your garden would look super cute! I think once you bake them, they should be able to withstand the weather elements? Give it a shot and let me know how they do:)