04 March 2012

Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf's party and photoshoot (otherwise known at THE BIG DAY)

I’ve been going non-stop for days, possibly weeks. Cutting, hot gluing, hanging and tying; making sure all is in place and the mood is just right. I have not one, but two special little lives to celebrate, so I wanted to make sure each babe felt equally important on their big day. We opted for a combined theme of “The Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.”
I wanted to mainly capture the woodlands in which the story took place, so we displayed an ample amount of wood slices, wildlife, and moss --appropriate for any Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf.

It was epic –celebrating two beautiful birthdays for two beautiful babies, at the same time. A wonderful day that was surrounded by all things good, filled with all things meaningful. Friends and family gathered from as far as Hawaii and as near as across the street to help bring in Krysta and William’s big day. There were laughs and smiling faces and loving moments that I will forever cherish. Because after all,  it’s not the planning, the setting up, or the anticipation of the big day, but rather the memory-making and the gathering of friends that I love so much about life events such as these. It’s living and soaking up the little moments that I strive to capture.

To see party décor’ and photos, click here.

And you know I couldn’t do a themed party without doing a themed photoshoot! Here is a photo overload of my Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf…

Be still my heart.

I can't imagine my life being and living any other way than to be surrounded by my babies. It's soul-satisfying to witness them take in all the wonder and excitement and beauty of the world, and in turn, for the world around them to ever-so-carefully sculpt their little personalities in big ways.

Happy Living,


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