28 February 2012

Mustache Bash {Project Pretty}

What better way to soak up the month of Love, than to celebrate the soon-to-be birth of a friend’s baby?

To throw a baby shower, of course!

And so we did. A few friends and I gathered to honor E’s little bambino with a Mustache Bash. It was small and intimate, personal and homey --just the way she wanted it.

The shower was themed around all things little man --pinstripes, bow ties, and of course, mustaches!

Here are some of the decorations and how-to’s that we incorporated into the theme.

baby shower cake made with regular cake mix with strawberries in the middle. for frosting recipe, see below. and for the bow tie on top --sculpted out of fondant and food coloring.

 small tissue pom-poms 

  1.  fold the tissue in a front to back motion (like an accordion) 
  2. cut the tissue in half, then secure each one in the middle with a pipe cleaner, wire, or string 
  3. carefully spread out the layers of tissue. The more tissue you use, the fuller your pom will be 

"boy, oh, boy" banner printed on card-stock paper and hung on twine --I designed this in photoshop. It's super easy, but if you'd like this FREE printable banner, I will email it to you.

 striped garland using twine and 4 spools of ribbon

5x7 "Keep Calm and Grow On" I designed in photoshop
If you'd like a FREE printable of this, I'll email it to you.

bow tie mason jars
"W" wreath.

  1. wrap twine tightly around the wreath form
  2. modpodge your choice of paper onto a plain wooden letter and cut off the excess, then hot glue the letter onto the wreath 
  3. make your bow tie out of 2" ribbon and attach with hot glue

and for the frosting on the cake (literally), here is my Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. It’s delish; you won’t be disappointed.

Elizabeth, I hope you enjoyed your baby shower! I can't wait to meet your new little mister man!

I will return later this week with a birthday post, deployment post, and another Project Pretty.

Happy Week,



  1. Sooo cute! and loved the mustache haha : )

    - missshesaid.blogspot.com <3

  2. Emily:

    I tried emailing twice, but they were both returned due to an undeliverable address.

    I am an elementary school teacher in (of all places) Anchorage, AK.  I am doing a mustache theme in my third grade classroom this year and was wondering if I could get a copy of the "keep calm grow on" mustache printable to use in my room.  I (actually my friend) stumbled upon your blog as I was trying to find this printable, and then to my surprise, saw that you actually had lived here!!!  I have to say, coming here from Southern CA, I felt much as you did in your blog post about living here initially.  We have been here 5 years now, and I know when we pack up to leave one day, I will feel much as you did.  I'm glad I came upon your blog.  

    Stephanie stephwaterman@roadrunner.com

  3. hi there! I'm loving this baby shower. Would you be able to email me the mustache "keep calm and grow on" printable? My email is: whalenkat@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!!!