17 March 2012

Moving right along.

Besides the song, The Twelve Days of Christmas, there’s nothing significant about the Number 12. But, for us it’s a tiny milestone. It’s 12 days that I haven’t seen my husband; 12 days that my children haven’t seen their daddy; and 12 days that we’ve been 1,000’s of miles apart.

However, there is a bright side --it’s 12 days down and 12 days less to go on our deployment countdown. We’re settling into a life of our own --keeping with old schedules while forming new routines that work for us as a "single parent home" to function and thrive smoothly.

I was raised in a single parent home; my father left when I was seven and I haven’t seen him since. In many ways, my unfortunate childhood situation has prepared me for this military life, a life of continuous deployments and fully taking the reigns while they’re away, being 100% in charge of the family and household. It has taught me how to be the glue and to keep everything held together when there’s a constant missing piece. I’ve seen the struggles of my mother, I’ve seen her failures and successes, and as our deployments have come and gone I’ve learned and grown from them throughout the past ten years of being a military wife. Unlike the typical single parent, I have a light at the end of the tunnel --my husband will come back, and we will be a complete family again. And that alone is worth living day to day with my head held high.

I find hope in the darkest of days, and focus in the brightest. I do not judge the universe.
--Dalai Lama

Since moving to Oklahoma, I’ve been trying to live by the saying, “You can’t move forward, if you keep looking back” …or something along those lines. It has really helped me to stay positive through the storm and to write our family's next chapter. And so in order to move forward and steer steadily and victoriously through until the fall, I’ve been reflecting on Ron’s last weekend with us -- trying to memorize the little moments and embraces, the smiles and laughter.

Here’s a happy moment…

let me tell you, Brother does not want Sister's lovings!

And here’s another one…

one of my favs from the weekend

If you’ll excuse me, I have a little girl dying to read her book in the hammock and an antsy little tot begging to play in his sand table.

Be the glue, hold it together, and look above for brighter days.



  1. you have the right attitude. Love the photos, and love the rhino helmet, cute and thanks for posting the photos. Happy memories! Remember that God is right there with you, helping you through the ups and downs. Prayers and thoughts and jugs to you! You can do it!

  2. Deployments are rough, whether they are short/long, expected/unexpected, with/without kids, close/far away from home...depolyments just suck. It looks like you have a great mind set though, keeping busy and taking time with the kids. What you do with your time during a deployment is what is important, especially when you have little hearts to help hold together when they are hurting too.
    I hope you take advantage of Give Parents a Break, Deployed Spouses Dinner, Youth Center open activities and whatever else the base offers to recharge your batteries, single parenting is rough and since its a great opportunity to meet some great people.
    I know I also try to spend time doing special projects or trips with the boys, there are so many things on our adventure list that if we waited for daddy to come back we wouldn't get to all of them.
    I wish you the best with uninterupted frequent web chats with your honey, no appliance/car problems, and many sunny days playing outside with your precious little ones!