11 March 2011

A winter light show.

I feel a random post in the near future, as there have been a lot of little happenings going in our little household. But this however, was so spectacular and surreal that it’s worthy of a post all on its own.

Last night the Aurora Borealis came out to give us a light show, and she was nothing short of stunning.

What. A. Treat.

 Do you see that bright dot? That's a planet!

Bright green borealis and the night sky danced gracefully hand-in-hand in perfect harmony, stretching her arms over the mountains. She was really magnificent, reflecting her beauty across the frozen water and crystallized snow, leaving my heart swollen tenfold.

She was amazing. She was breathtaking. She was full of enchantment; the perfect way to say good-bye to our last winter of our four year Alaskan adventure.

Do you see that planet?



  1. Absolutely amazing!! Mother nature can be so beautiful!

  2. Incredible pictures! Gorgeous!!! :O)

  3. Gorgeous! I had the chance to see it a few times when I lived there about 10 years ago. Dh and I are hoping we’ll have the chance to PCS there before he retires.