19 November 2011

My pot of gold. (otherwise known as the BIG Thanksgiving craft post and a giveway)

We’re halfway into November, one week until thanksgiving, and I’m thankful.

November marks our sixth month that we’ve lived in Oklahoma, and while I attempt to turn a raw deal into gold, I’m reflecting on all the little things in my life that I’ve been blessed with. Sometimes we pay attention to only one detail, that we can’t see the whole picture. Sometimes we consume ourselves in one word that we don’t read the whole sentence or paragraph or even finish the chapter, much less the book. And while I sit writing our first chapter in Oklahoma, my mind keeps drifting to the promise of our next adventure --to be honest, this is the main cause of me not feeling grounded-- I’m constantly dreaming and fantasying of country-hopping and living the life a travel junkie. I’m craving to go, see, do.

While I can’t predict our future destinations, we’re creating our own little adventures and finding our own slice of heaven around town.

I’m finding beauty in streaky sunset clouds that sets fire to the sky.

And a flat caramel-toned landscape igniting a dreamy autumn glow that elegantly lingers over wheat grass.

And radiant sunrises equipped with magical rainbows --possibly with a pot of gold at the end.

Like I said, I’m turning a raw deal into gold… and this friends, is my gold.

Since we're on the subject of rainbows, I’m dancing on one as we speak. From the warm and fuzzy military Hallmark ads to over- the-top cheesy Kay Jewelers commercials --you know, where the couple is in a mountain cabin, and suddenly there’s loud thunder, so the girl jumps into the man’s arms, and he turns to her and says with a deep masculine voice, “I’m right here, and I always will be.”-- to Starbucks ads for peppermint lattes, I’m in a downright disturbing holiday-lovin’ frame of mind.
So first holidays first…. THANKSGIVING!

We’re having two other couples from my husband’s work joining us this year (my door is open if anyone on Tinker would like to feast with us!).  Since this will be our first non-family guest, I’ve bought tickets to ride the crafting train in attempt to make our home a little more festive.

I’ve made a Thanksgiving wreath, Thanksgiving banner, Thanksgiving napkin rings, and Thanksgiving napkins… and just for kicks, I’m throwing in the word Thanksgiving one more time, because I really do love the gathering around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are a few cheap and easy DIY Fall Crafts:

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And so I’ll leave you now with a few delicious photos I took of my bambinos last weekend.

Happy Friday!


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  1. love your post of children's photos. Love all the crafts. I have done that in the past. I need to do that instead of being on the computer so much. Scrapbooking is fun but not done it for awhile. I need to get some photo calendars finished for gifts. Already did half of them a week ago. All it takes time.
    Just remember to enjoy the time you have where you are. Life is so fast any more and there will be your next adventure soon. I sometimes wish I could go backwards to when I was based in England. We lived in NM for 10 years and never went to Roswell. What were we thinking?