24 November 2011

Turkey it up!

It has been cold and dreary and wet; downright gloomy, if you ask me. The sky was swollen in very shade of gray--releasing rain that slowly pitter-pattered on my rooftop, leaving evidence of its presents with tiny vertical streaks on my windowpane. It served as an invisible wall --this sky-- holding us captive within our home. It gave us a mandatory mellow day of sorts. A day were we move a bit slower and cuddle under thick quilts a little longer.

I like these days, torrential downpours. They’re special because they don’t happen as often as they should, and we could all use a day of camping indoors with a good book and tea every now and then, especially with a little one peacefully cuddled up by your side.

adore soaking in his features

And you know what else I like? Girl’s wino night, because that doesn’t happen as often as it should either.  It was a soul-stretching, over-the-rainbow kind of night. We talked, confided in one another, laughed until our sides were in stitches and drank until our lips went numb --Just like good friends and good times should be.

We’re making this a regular happening... in the driveway... with wine in mason jars.

With Christmas around the corner, Krysta and I are going to make a Starbucks run for hot chocolate, peppermint cakepops on Friday afternoons.

Peppermint and Starbuck’s red cups are equal parts festive and delicious. 

I love duck lips

Thanksgiving is t minus 3 hours. We’ve written our To-Do List in preparation for Thanksgiving Day --categorized in sections of A Must and Would Like. I would like to have completed the whole list, but with being sick and an energizer baby, the A Must side of the list will do just fine.

Commence a quick House Shakedown with a little scrubbing and baking at 350 before guest arrives!

Dessert recipes coming soon—they’ll work great for upcoming Christmas gatherings.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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  1. Our Thanksgiving day weather was wet and cold and windy, alot like yours. But it was warm inside with our kids and two grandkids and food....ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, salad, cranberry sauce, pumpkin/cream cheese pie...it was good, sparkling apple cranberry cider. Took some fun photos of the grandchildren of course. I asked mel who made her sweater she was wearing. She said I think it was you. Aw, she remembered. It's autumn colors and her brother will be able to wear it, probably next year! Fun! Hugs and hope you all had a good day! As always I love your photos!