06 July 2012

A Tropical Independence Day

We’ve got beaching to do, so I’m leaving you with just a short sweet note about our Independence Day:

After skimming through the newspaper for local festive Fourth of July happenings, we concluded that Waikiki Beach was the best way to celebrate our Independence Day. There weren’t any parades or shows, just beach lovers and families enjoying the sand and sun.

We knew we had to leave the house early --7:00am-- to quickly grab a parking spot, and even at 7:00am, parking was still nearly impossible. People had pitched their tents, set up their BBQ’s, and staked claim to their slice of the beach before the sun came up. When we arrived free parking was of course full, with only three remaining spots left in paid parking. It was a concrete battlefield, and we scored a point.

We staked our claim, waving our beach towels and planting our chairs on the perfect spot; it was a shallow calm area with a cement wall to keep the rough waves out, making it perfect for children and for those who want to drift and laze about in the ocean. 

The kids had a blast going out “deep”, but never reaching past their bellies. And I thoroughly enjoyed sitting back and watching them peacefully play. It’s not often that they play perfectly together --William usually squeals, Krysta yells out “MOM”, they laugh one moment, then the next someone is crying.

But today, today they played like best friends.

When the sun began to sink, we ventured out to Hawaii Kai watch a spectacular firework lit sky under swaying palm trees. The fireworks weren’t as grand as last years, but it equally pulled my heartstrings.

If you’ll excuse me, we’re going to head out to --you guessed it-- the beach. I’m determined to grow gills before I return to the Midwest.

Much love,


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