17 July 2012

A Happy Heart featured sponsor

I have a wonderful blogger that I want to introduce you all to! Her name is Kristy from A Happy Heart-- I'm sure you've all seen her button on my sidebar over there -->
Kristy and I met a few years ago through blogger while I was living in Alaska and she was living in New York. We quickly discovered that we grew up just a few towns from each other, and since then we've both been on the go, moving from state-to-state while raising our babies and making memories with our little families.
Enough of the introduction, scroll down and read more about her!

PS she's having a thirty-one thermal tote GIVEAWAY that ends today. Click here to enter!


hi! i'm kristy. i write a blog about my life & family called a happy heart. it's basically me writing our happy, beautiful life down so i can remember all the details! i'm a wife to my handsome husband, mama to our crazy/beautiful daughter and our stinky dachshund tries to run our lives.


we've moved several times and called new york and north carolina home. we call south carolina our home now. it's full of palm trees, southern charm & blue skies. we're a former military family trying to figure out the ins & outs of settling down in one place, in a civilian lifestyle.

i'm a stay-at-home mama, diving into the adventures of running my own business while encouraging my toddler to explore and be her beautiful self (& keeping my cool!), cleaning up after our crazy dachshund who thinks he's a human and doing my best to support my husband as he takes on two jobs and going back to school all while being the most amazing guy we could ask for.

the nitty gritty about me : i bake. i try my hand at crafting. i read books by the handfuls and i have matryoshka dolls all over my house. organziation makes me happy and i have a slight obsession with list making and crisp new notebooks.

i became a thirty-one consultant a few months ago. if you haven't heard of the company, thirty-one is a faith-based company that sells bags, purses, thermal totes, organizational totes & more!

we celebrate and encourage the hard-working women and i LOVE my job. we focus on the indivudial "why". everyone has one : why they started, why they keep going, it's their personal story. but, as a newbie (in my state & job), i'm still working hard to get myself out there! i am always looking for new people to share my why with. new ways to branch out my business and meet new people! i'd love to show you what thirty-one is all about and well, the bags are amazing!

my blog is chock full of all the little and big things in our lives. it's about who and what i love. it's what makes this happy life, our happy life. and i wouldn't have it any other way.

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